Thursday, February 4, 2010

Logistics: Polish 7.62x54R on strippers.

My thanks to Tod and other Irregulars for drawing my attention to this deal from Aim Surplus. The catalog description:

Polish 7.62x54R 300rds on Chargers 1950s Light Ball

Surplus Polish 7.62x54R ammunition. This ammunition has been stored well and is in the condition as pictured. Features a 147grn full bi-metal jacketed bullet, lacquered steel case, and corrosive berdan primer. Packed 5rds on a steel Mosin Nagant charger, 300rds to a sealed zinc can, and 600rds (2 cans) to a hinged/latched wooden crate. While supplies last.

Item Name Item # Each Qty
Polish 7.62x54R 300rds on Chargers 1950s Light Ball A76254P300 $89.95

This is an excellent deal. If had any spare bucks, I'd get some, but the next best thing is to draw you Irregulars' attention to it. My suggestion would be to take the strippers out of the Polish spam cans and pack them away in USGI M19A1 "thirty cal" cans and bandoleers. If you can find them, I like the Brit 5-pocket 5.56 NATO bandoleers for 7.62x54R on strippers which is what I put some of Hannah's ammo for her M44 in. Each pocket holds two clips, fifty rounds per bando and 4 bandos or 200 rounds per M19A1 can. If you order two spam cans from AIM they'll ship them in the same wooden crate the Pole's put them in. Then you can put two M19A1 cans back in the same crate, nesting side by side, for 400 rounds of ready-to-go combat ammo that can still be manhandled around easily if you have to displace your stash.


5 pocket Brit 5.56 NATO bandoleer with snap pockets

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Anonymous said...

You know I always wanted to see a piece posted about combat knives :D

That odd looking combat dagger looks pretty tough, but it is still that point which makes it look kind of hesitant to me. As a martial arts practioner, I had often been engaged to envision scenarios where a far more powerful opponent have complete leverage over you, and if you do have a knife, only a stabbing (thrusting) option can save your life.

When I was on the subway this morning, I overheard two testosterone-filled punk thugs bragging about how to sucker-punch and knock someone out, and one of them goes on to say that he has put "many nerds and a**holes in the dirt" before. Now, normally I would not even pay attention to this kind of testosterone filled bragfest (obviously to show off themselves on a crowded subway train), but then, these kind of street scum do exist, whose sole purpose in life is to injure or even kill others, and sucker punches are often the worse kind of attacks to face, I seriously gave a thought to combat knives for defense against such thuggery.

Guns are of little use when facing a sucker attack, since all of these attacks (many of them posted on Youtube), are at contact range, and by the time you do draw your gun and get leverage to de-safety and aim, and hopefully, fire your weapon, a determined thug would have landed a good enough punch to render you snoring on the ground. There are no magical amulets to defeating such a kind of vicious street attack that is becoming more popular nowadays, but a medium bladed combat knife would be one of the better options to have.

I own several M3 style WWII GI knives which I also use as multi-tools when camping or hiking, and they are one of the best combat designs available. The long grip space allows the knife to be wielded like a fist-exactly how you would respond to fist attacks. HOWEVER, sucker punches are different from "organized" fistfights in that there are no cooldown phase or reconciliatory phase, which most "organized" fights have. Sucker attacks are vicious, with the attacker often using most of his body weight to give the blow, and they can be fatal. The most vicious thing about a sucker punch is that you won't see one coming, that is why awareness is so important.