Saturday, February 20, 2010

Praxis: Is necessity the mother of invention, or merely a mother? The Saga of the Nigerian Shotgunner.

Thanks to cybrc for forwarding this: Turning Birdshot into Slugs for Self-Defense

Y-Man's home-grown 12 gauge slugs.

Y-Man lives in Nigeria, where shotguns are the only permissible weapons and you can't go down to WalMart to buy a box of twelve gauge slugs. A pistol grip Mossberg 500A is his only weapon and birdshot is all he can get to feed it. So he improvises, adapts and overcomes. Be sure to also visit his previous posts, the Saga of the Nigerian Shotgunner.

Here's his first experience crafting a stock for his Turkish EFE. The firing pin later broke and he traded it in on a Mossberg Cruiser, also a pistol-grip 12 gauge.

A plea for expert advice from America.

The Saga continues.

Part 4, with a great video.

Y-Man's Mossberg with improvised stock.

The whole thing made me want to stock up on more ammo for my Mossberg 500 (and to finally break down and get a spare parts kit for it).


I have a dog-eared two-volume set of this book that has tagged along with me since the 70s. An excellent overview of the subject.


jon said...

i just sold my 500 persuader. boy, was it hard to part with.

i'm no longer willing to state outright that a 12ga is the only choice for slugs, now that the .458 socom has hit retail (rock river and teppo jutsu), but until it's economically sound to purchase and shoot the .458, there's no sound comparison. still, i'd like to see a 12gauge do this.

Defiant III said...


I reload shotgun shells and wanted to point out a safety issue about birdshot to slugs post.

This techique will work safely PROVIDED the slug is the approximate weight of the original charge of birdshot the shell was originally loaded with.

The powder charge is matched to the birdshot load which in turn will generate a specific SAMMI barrel pressure.

If the slug is substantially heavier than the original birdshot charge, this shotshell load combination may generate unsafe barrel pressures and protentially bulge or blow up the barrel, possibly injuring the shooter or those around the shooter.

Great story and an option for SHTF scenario's.

Defiant III

Happy D said...

I sympathize with this remarkable man.

When I first got interested in firearms I had no access to them.
So I tried to learn everything I could about them so I could make my own.
I became old enough to buy them on my own before managed to built my first one.
I should have started with a black powder muzzle loader. But I wanted to build a semi auto.
Twenty some odd years after I first became interested I earned a degree in gunsmithing from the Colorado School of Trades.
So "gun control" makes another Gunsmith.