Friday, February 12, 2010

Another take on Melson's "Mah biscuits are burnin'!" case, this time from AOL News.

Agent Dobyns

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to see just how the JBTs take care of their own: put your butt on the line and when they're finished with you, you get cast away like a used condom.

Let this serve as a warning to anyone who contemplates working for them...


Anonymous said...

When will this madness END?

Anonymous said...

Further, while I admire his courage I must question much of the whole thing.

The HAs have some bad eggs - just like any other group. To me this is just another example of the failed "war on (some) drugs."

If people want to kill themselves with homemade chemicals, I say "more power to them" -- let's hope the first thing to fall off is their ability to reproduce.

Perhaps we should offer a "drug license" to anyone willing to undergo permanent sterilization and put any kids they already have up for adoption by a decent, caring family. Nobody's forcing them to take the offer - but if the drugs are more important than their kids then let's clear the road for them...

Defiant III said...

Sounds like a visit from Carma for Agent Dobyns. :O)

Defiant III

straightarrow said...

No sympathy here. He knew what they (ATF)were his first day on the job. He stayed.

I do hope his family leave him. No point in them being hurt.

aughtsix said...

With respect, the recent call to back up agents like Dobyns with the same "one Hundred Heads" doctrine we would apply to each other (with which I initially agreed) is without foundation. It is less than that.

Let them eat each other. The field agents so disdained and cast aside by the Highers are scum just as much as are their minders.

Confusion to our enemies!

And I would remind you that the BATFEces are merely the canary in the coal mine of fedgov tyranny.

Anonymous said...

What has confused me for a while after reading about Dobyns and before that Billy Queen who infiltrated the Mongols bike gang, was that they were both ATF. Why ATF and not DEA?

In the Queen case, he was undercover long before BATF was switched to the DOJ.

Aren't biker gangs more likely to be running and dealing drugs than moonshine or tobacco? Guns would seem incidental to the above and not the primary crime.

The only thing I could come up with is that if you want someone who can fit in with the scum of the earth, BATF is the place to look.

Longbow said...

If he's such a good guy, what is he doing working for the Goon Squad in the first place?

Pat H said...

As someone alluded to, Agent Dobyn's dogma got run over by karma.

Here, I'll shed a few crocodile tears for the thug.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon #3: Apparently the BATFEces have been watching Sons of Anarchy, and feel they need to break up the gun-running.

OTOH, I'm guessing that Federal gun-charges carry bigger penalties than even the drugs.

More importantly (to them) they may think being able to claim they took down some big, mean, hairy bikers might draw some attention away from their usual business of attacking people over paperwork mistakes, murdering nursing mothers and their children, or burning to death dozens of innocent (if a bit wacky) Christians.

Me, I'm surprised they managed to find two men in their whole misbegotten gang with the testicular-fortitude to go undercover with such folk. No wonder they hate this man so much - every time they look at him they (rightly) feel emasculated.

If ever a bunch deserved a Stalinesque purge, it's this gang of miscreants.

I'll be happy - someday - to see them get their just desserts - in the next life if not this one...