Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So tell me, why is this statement in the next to last paragraph of a Boston Herald story about the UAH killer?

"A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children - the youngest a third-grade boy - was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting."

Does anyone here think that if her politics were anything different than that of an Obama collectivist fan that it wouldn't be the lead paragraph?

Entire story here."




sofa said...

Will she want to wear her Obama T-shirt while taking her lethal injection?

Herb Llhasa Apsa Trotsky said...

Like, if she'd had a small promotional picture of Sarah Palin on her desk?
"Palin Supporter Goes on Killing Spree!
"Washington insiders and Sean Penn's psychiatrist speculate that long-smoldering bitterness over Palin's failed election bid set the woman off on her murderous rampage using a deadly assault weapon of a kind not allowed in civilized countries!"

Wyn Boniface said...

Actually it plays into hands to be all oooo look Obama fanatic . . . it is no different then the opposite.

aughtsix said...

This tactic by the LSM is so ubiquitous that anyone who might wish to know the truth, or at least dig a little deeper in the well, should merely turn automatically to page five, column three, below the fold.

And this nutroot killed her own brother "accidently" some years ago?

Sheesh, indeed.

Pat H said...

There are more shoes to drop with this, if pressure is applied in the right places.

The "far left" DA that refused to file charges when she shot her brother to death, despite the fact that she'd fired the shotgun once before she shot him, once after she shot him, ran out of the house, entered a car dealership and demanded a getaway car, all while armed. In Massachusetts. In 1986.

The former DA, now a congressman, is in Israel getting his pay offs and is unavailable for comment.

It just does't pass the smell test, does it?

Ahab said...

You expected different from a Boston newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Look guys, Mike's PeePee stuff is really getting their goats and they are brain (stem) storming to get him. The way it's working is that if you can't get a verified for real Gun Nut job to do something dastardly like blowing away some dear liberal academics you first morph the dear academic liberal Gun Nut job killer into a for real closet anti-Messiah gun toting liberal hater. That's first, conditioning the sheeple to understand the right wing involvement, then comes the brilliant part.. wait for it... ta da... the lady nut job killer is Innocent! She really is just an innocent loving liberal victim.

It was all a dastardly plot by her husband who is a committed right wing nut job who wanted her out of the way and he contracted another for real right wing nut job with guns and an imagination (he says he writes stories) to get rid of her without throwing suspicion on himself..

How's that, you say? Simple: Where did this outrage happen? Alabama. Where does that III-Per nut job live? Alabama. Where was said III-Per nut job on the day of the outrage? We don't know for he says his internet connection was down and he was exercising his imagination by.. yes, you got it: Writing..!

It's sooo obvious. Said III-Per nut job went to the University and did the hit in DRAG. Stashed the gun in the toilet and escaped as a janitor. The plan was to get the husband so much publicity and sympathy that the Messiah would invite him to the White House, where the III-Per nut job would substitute himself as the husband and do in the Messiah while attempting to escape once again in drag and in black face thereby showing all the world that III-Pers are nothing more than racist nut job killers who need to be controlled by pre-emptive action.

Once this dastardly plot has been uncovered by the vigilant efforts of the BARF elect thousands of agents armed with single resonator chamber shrouded assault rifles will descend in mass on said malefactor and all known associates and posters on said III-Per nut job blog and the nation will rejoice in the heroics of our fearless feckless faithful federal armed arm and immediately support legislation to outlaw all civilian firearms including slingshots, spit wads, etc. and create the new position of Messiah for Life for our glorious leader.

So, there it is, and it's all your fault, Mike for not getting that next chapter posted... we are waiting... waiting...


jon said...

A+. you had me coughing up my breakfast at the part about the single expansion chamber.

rexxhead said...

Well, clearly, the absence of a completed "Absolved" is making some people crazy...

Anonymous said...

And why are we not hearing more about the botched investigation by Mass. cops (she was NUTS) I mean really, people want to get holier than thou regarding firearms and they dont realize if WE enforce the laws against CRIMINALS crime drops...making more laws against items does nothing!

Barack Schmuck said...

Anon jaaAf :

You win the scalding coffee-spew / Pepsi keyboard slosh / PC screen spatter award for the month. Your contribution is way more inspiring than, say, Maya Anjelou, so maybe Dear Reader will invite YOU to the White House for a reading!

Still... the mental image of Mike in drag... well... I'll recover from that, but I just hope Barney Frank isn't reading any of this or he'll hop a plane to Alabama! Hubba hubba.
- j -

Anonymous said...

I heard the theme tune for the 1960s Dr Zhvago film the other day, and got to thinking about possible parralels.

Why was the DA so keen to intervene, what was the connection that he'd risk his ass to protect or keep quiet?

people can be screwed up naturally enough, but once in a while they can be screwed by their background, up bringing and experiences - sometimes the liberal's idea might be right.

Was this lunatic a "Lara"? was the DA in on screwing her? or covering for her dad and others screwing her, or any number of other mis deeds.

There is something there.

Anyone here from Mass and willing to do some digging?

This stinks to hell and back.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's very odd that her far-left Obama tendencies were even allowed into the story.

I suspect that the Boston Herald has thrown the Messiah under the bus, due to him enabling Scott Brown to take "The Kennedy Seat."

I foresee Hillary running for President in 2012, and getting enthusiastic support from the MSM/LSM as she'll be the only thing preventing a Palin presidency.

patrick henry said...

I agree it's amazing it made copy at all.

AughtSix: "Accidentally" deserves the scare-quotes. No way in hell.

What Mother could watch her virtuoso-violinist son murdered before her eyes then defend his murderer?

I can only assume she was broken enough to fear losing BOTH her children and thus did what she felt she had to do.

As to the DA et-al, they had no evidence to support any other conclusion. Mom & nutbag told a plausible story of horrific accident - what else was DA to do?

They didn't have facebook or other online media to troll for info to prove she hated him or had talked about killing him - all they had was a dead boy and 2 people present who told a horiffic tale of accidental death.

I imagine they pitied the poor child who would have to live with her "accident" for the rest of her life.

This nut will have to live inside her own sick head for the rest of her days.

Clearly that's a pretty horrible place to be - and like my own psycho-ex much more of a punishment than anything I could ever dream up.

Jeffrey Quick said...

Evidently, she was a piece of work as a neighbor too: