Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another country heard from . . .

We have received another love note from the one of the Borg. His intellectual analysis is up to their usual standards.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What is a "Three Percenter"?":

I sure would love to see 100% of you 3% put into Federal Prison, that is assuming 100% of you survive your Redneck Revolution.

My guess is that you're a band of ROTC dropouts mixed in with some Aryan Nation stragglers that have managed to cover up your tattoos enough to be able to hold a job somewhere.

At any rate, I'll be seeing you fucking traitors later, I'm sure, when you're in nice Orange Jumpsuits after some half assed domestic terrorism "plan" of yours goes wrong because you have joined up with te other Terrorists.

I'll be sure to send you clowns Soap on a Rope for Christmas so you don't get cornholed in the shower after breaking rocks all day.

Eat shit and die, Fucking Traitors!


GunRights4US said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people will conflate the nation with the government. The rotten putrid ooze found in great quantities on the banks of the Potomac River does NOT represent America as far as I'm concerned!

I owe no allegiance to a man, an elected body, or even a flag. I owe my allegiance to an idea; an idea that was best codified in 3 documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. There certainly ARE traitors in our midst, but they're the ones trampling on the "idea" and trampling upon our necks.

jon said...

this might be a bunch of laughable propagandistic nonsense from some dailykos fanatic, but remember that the state absolutely loathes god, and any religion. yes, the "progressives" have been selling the "religion of the american way of life" for about 40 years, but that is really another topic altogether.

maybe not in our lifetimes, but in the not too distant future, our ideological successors will find they have more in common with the talibans of the world -- maybe not the al qaedas, though -- than what you and i might otherwise consider... comfortable.

of course this cannot be, if only in part due to the downward spiral in this country, but i do also suspect the next generation or two of islamic radicalism to step back from the murder and kidnapping you see today: there is an upward spiral they have yet to take a step on. perhaps that is just a necessity of life in the desert.

now this does not make them any less an ideological competitor. we will always be able to find vast differences between us and them. however, from the point of view of the state, it is my opinion that both groups will find themselves more alike than they otherwise realize. and as this squealing, pusillanimous fanboy accuses, that will make us all "terrorists."

Sean said...

It's nice to know people still care. And that they think things all the way through.III.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why the Three Percenter concept exists today. If every American valued the Constitution as the foundation of our country's ideals and respected personal freedom and individual liberty then there would be no great ideological divide which split individuals apart in this country. Anonymous does himself no favors by antagonizing his fellow Americans using words which inspires no love or sympathy for those on the other side. Those words only serve to temper our own resolve, attitudes, and emotions into something like a rock which knows not the meaning of sympathy or mercy. I, for one, am glad people are considering the words of Joshua which Mike quoted recently, for more and more people are chosing whom they will serve.

The Inconvenience said...

I imagine this guy felt the same way about me when I was humping a pack in Iraq. Same goes for you 'Nam vets. It's no sweat off my balls.

Scott R said...

Yo buddy I think you need to get back on your meds and come back to reality. I think your the terrorist here if you agree and support what is going on in this country but you will figure it all out when some nice 3%er provides you with a meal or a coat when the time comes. If you think we are the dregs of society you couldn't be and more wrong, yes some of us just might be R.O.T.C or cops or active military or layers or EMT's and a lot of us are Small Business Owners, we are educated, polite ( unlike yourself ) charitable and some of the best people YOU could ever know. Now best of all we are all around you, And we take our rights and freedom very seriouslym we stand on principle, What do you stand on?

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Three million or so of us thrown into the federal pokey? Now there's a feat, due process or no due process!

Carl said...

An obvious attack on those who have morals and ethics by someone who has none.

Anonymous said...

"Three million or so of us thrown into the federal pokey? Now there's a feat, due process or no due process!"

I'm fond of the saying "Scratch a Liberal, get a Fascist."

This particular halfwit puts the truth to those words.

Justin said...



Well, I suppose there are loyal SUBJECTS (to government) and there are loyal CITIZENS (to nation).

A subject relies on his government, obeys and complies with all decrees, and SUBMITS.

A CITIZEN is responsible to his nation first. A citizen knows his rights and stands up to those who would steal them.

A quote from the Last of the Mohicans movie:

(British conscripting officer, after being ignored by the colonists)
"You call yourselves patriots, loyal subjects to the crown?"

"I don't call myself subject to much at all..."

That one always sticks with me.

Subjects. Citizens.

I'll say it


Spitnyri said...

Traitor ?

I never swore allegiance to this Marxist/Socialist revolution being perpetrated by the present administration and its quislings. It must be through "Diversity" training that this individual of questionable parentage is familiar with soap on a rope and its uses.
Refugees from natural selection abound.

TJP said...

Morris Dees? Is that you?

straightarrow said...

Scott said, "......we stand on principle, What do you stand on?"

His dick. He certainly stepped on it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. S-T Jones:

Surely you meant, "Only three million? Piece of cake..." (or perhaps blood pudding).

There is the matter of all those rifles in private hands, true enough, but they're working the economic, food, health, and "education" angles quite diligently.

If they can hold off a conflagration for another generation, their task will be as good as done. By then dependence on government socialism will be overwhelming, popular ignorance of anything worth knowing will be complete, and you and I will be dead of old age and "easy living" or damn near there. In the meantime, years of incremental gun grabbing and improvements in oppression technology (a camera on every block, a drone over every town, etc) will seal the deal.


III more than them said...

Racist? naaaa.
Redneck? YUP!!
Love the Document? YUP again!!
Hate traitors. Haaa.. silly question. Of course!!

Wanna know what pisses me off? I'll tell ya.

Any friggin statist jackass that believes that the Constitution is a "living document", subject to progressive winds of change.

Any prick that thinks he is capable of determining my allegiance to the Document based on anything other than an objective review of my lifestyle.

Any screwball that wishes to see me in jail because I happen to agree with the Founders.

Trolls... trolls piss me off, too.

I'm good, now.... feelin' just fine. Oh, by the way. Never was in the Aryan Nation, OR the ROTC. What I was in was something he would never survive. I'd love to see the look on his face when Quintard pays the man a visit...

Anonymous said...

Now, guys, hang on a minute here. Remember Psy Ops 101. Earlier Mike had a post about old time beat cops, complete with Rockwell pics and all. Well, what did that do? Well, it made all us old duffers nostalgic, brought a tear to the eye, and we mellowed out as we gazed at the sunset and contemplated our thoughts and took a nap...

SO! III-Pers can't nap! Mike just gave us a kick to wake us up - the dog. This is his old community agitator persona coming to the fore: rattling cages, banging on pans and buckets, riling things up, and getting the blood to boil. And you young-uns fell for it like the innocent puppies you are - Federal Prison, Soap-on-a-Rope.. ha! Well, not me.. the sun isn't down yet and I'm going to set out here in the sun porch and watch that fly buzzing in the window until I drift off again. Hopefully when I wake up that dog will have posted another chapter - he could have finished the whole blame book by now if he wasn't wasting time on sly tricks like this - the dog...


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that screed: It ain't worth going back to find out; just some jerk. Would it be okay with you and you companion spawn if we're given time to commit a crime before you slap us into the penitentiary, or do we get some sort of preferential treatment?

Happy D said...

Ever notice how quickly they threaten to throw people in jail?
Probably a member of the free the cop killer du joir, ban the guns, 9/11 was an inside job club.

Randall said...

Just curious. How many of you guys ever go on Leftist blogs with threats and name calling? How many go on Huffington post and tell them that all the hippies should be rounded up and put in prison? What, no one? Puts a different perspective on who the "haters" are doesn't it? And on which side decency falls on.

Mayberry said...

What a sad little man. He fails to realize that none of us will be taken alive, not because of our own resolve, but because of the scorched earth policy held dear by by the jack booted thugs whom he worships. How do those jack boots taste? I'm sure he can tell us...

Mayberry III

riotwire said...

Come on now, any of you would lash out at someone who threatened your way of life just like the idea of small government threatens his way of life. He's merely trying to protect the system that steals from the tax payers to buy his vote. I mean, he would have to get a job and work and be responsible for himself if there was no government to steal from you and me.

Anonymous said...

This is probably one of the same people who "supports our troops when they shoot their officers", at least when Bush was in office. Liberals are scum, plain and simple.