Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kamikaze attack on IRS offices in Austin


From what I hear at this early date, there are no declared government fatalities, thank the Lord. The pilot is said to have burned his home to the ground just prior to taking off in a stolen plane from Waco. The plane was said by witnesses to bore in at maximum speed.


A small plane has crashed into the Echelon I Building on Mopac and U.S. 183 in northwest Austin, TX., around 10 a.m. Thursday. According KXAN, the collision shook the entire commercial building and the entire front of the structure is gone and on fire. Joseph Andrew Stack, a software engineer, is being named as a possible pilot of the plane. His wife, Sharon Stack and daughter were rescued from their burning house by a neighbor. Stack reportedly lives in Austin and is able to fly a small plane. The news reports are saying that he set the fire at his home and fled the scene before police arrived after being called for a domestic disturbance situation. He has flown out of the Georgetown airport in the past. The plane, which was stolen, reportedly took off from Georgetown Municipal Airport at 9:40 a.m. Investigators are looking into whether there is a connection between Stack and the plane crash.


typeay said...

I think that anyone who either owns or rents, a single-engined aircraft is about to find that their world is quickly about to change in an unpleasant, "big brother" major sort of way.
The feds have wanted to shut down and restrict private aircraft ownership for YEARS. Hang on to your tie down ropes, folks.

Phelps said...

Like Chris Rock said about OJ: I'm not saying he should have done it... but I understand.

Anonymous said...

He will be tied to the Tea Party movement in some way.....just wait.


rexxhead said...

You 'bout got that right, typeay...

straightarrow said...

It appears to me that it is time to ban the IRS. An agency known to cause rage in others. That is the only logical solution if the .gov is to be believed.

If there were no IRS millions of people would not experience the anxiety and anger generated by their existence. Those borderline souls needing just one more little push to fly off the handle and into a building would not receive the impetus to put them around the bend.

This instant is a perfect example. The plane did not belong to the errant pilot, therefore it could not have been the cause of his attack as he had not been in within it mind-altering effective radius until well after the decision was made to attack the IRS. However, the IRS is ever-present in all our lives and must be considered the primary genesis of this man's hatred and willingness to do harm.

The only responsible course for government to take is to register all IRS personnel, confiscate them, lock them away or destroy them. Do for public safety, do it for the children. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

tom said...

"Just following orders" didn't fly at Nuremberg. Reckon it didn't fly with Joe Stack, or perhaps it did?

Reckon we'll also see more stuff like this as the economy tanks. The IRS are one of the original agencies to have an "Only Ones" attitude. Actually a bit surprising that these sorts of things don't happen more often being as they are in the habit of destroying lives and singling out people to make examples of just like the BATFE does...

Will be a hassle for Civil Aviators, but then, everything is becoming a hassle anymore due to jackbooted thugs. We're all comitting multiple felonies a day if they want to find felonies to pin on us and it's starting to make the people restless.

shiloh1862 said...

Here is allegedly his "suicide" letter. This is bad. I live about 9 miles from where this guy lived.

Here is Denninger

Whole thing smells of false flag to me.

I also think it will be tied to the Tea Party in Texas we have Deb Medina running for Gov. She is fast closing the gap between her and Rick Perry. Whoever wins GOP nomination will win Texas. She is a Tea Party supporter. Now we have this travesty. They are going to try to link her to this terror attack...


Ironwill (III) said...

He was kind enough to leave his suicide note online:

Looks like he was a Lefty Commie. Blames Bush for his problems and quotes the communist creed at the end: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Let's see if the media still tries to spin this into a Right Wing Extremist attack.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Austin and actually worked in one of the buildings in that Office park in my first job after separating from the USAF.

I seriously doubt the IRS had anything to do with the guy's motivation. I would bet serious money that this is a disgruntled former employee going postal in a novel way.

I've considered going postal once or twice m'self. Only the reason that I'd have to take out some security guys I happened to be fond of - plus I really do not care for the accomodations provided in TDC's little resort communities - kept me from following through.

I do agree with typeay that the feds will likely use this as an excuse to restrict private aircraft. Anything to restrict our liberties.

Cyborg Bill

Wyn Boniface said...

I just read his manifesto. We will be considered the enemy. The Cold War against the people may go hot.

pdxr13 said...

Flying aircraft into buildings shows a lack of imagination on the part of the insurgent.

Burning your own house with family inside is not a "terrorist strategy".

Failing to kill IRS agents while killing yourself is highly inept.

I have a hard time believing that it's even a FF Op.

It was just a guy who snapped. No planning at all, just opportunity and familiarity, with stupid-rage.


John H. said...

I'll take it upon myself to be the cold and cynical one - at least he didn't use a gun.

Redleg said...

I predict that this is only the beginning of a disgruntled populace finally getting their day in court.

J. Travis said...

I was just listening to excepts of his manifesto.

Apparently what he wrote was, "from each according to his GULLIBILITY, to each according to his GREED".

Which pretty much describes the system of bailing out Wallstreet cronies, and the UAW, eh?

He burned his home with his wife (ex-wife?) and daughter in it, so he was a would-be "family annihilator", too.

But I don't doubt that President Dumbama will open his smarmy yap, to attribute this to those "typical white people" who resent any aspect of the government.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Ironwill, that's not exactly how he concluded his missive. HE wrote:

"The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed."

And that has to be read in context of his overall complaint, which I'm stll reading. I don't think this guy will turn out to be a lefty.

Oldfatr said...

Ironwill, he did expand on that commie line though:

"The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed."

While I can't say I totally agree with what he did I still feel a bit of undersatnding for him. This is the same sort of act the sausage maker in Oakland committed a few years ago and didn't some guy by the name of Carl Drega make a similar statement back east?

There will be more and more of these things happening within the next few years.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

I'm pretty sure I'll not have been the first to notice this, but it appears that the site bearing the "suicide note" has been taken down. The verbiage I got was this:

This website has been taken offline due to the sensitive nature of the events that transpired in Texas this morning and in compliance with a request from the FBI. If you want to see the original letter, please see the archived version at

Regards, T35 Hosting

False flag? Oh, it's certainly possible. The timing would be just about right. And the quantity of "generated plausible deniability" promises to be very high.

Eyes. Ears. Maintain Condition Yellow. (You are in Yellow, right?)

Anonymous said...

I found out through contacts that there is IRS and FBI in that building, as other places too. The part that he went into was Accenture, which if you don't know does software consulting. Software engineer is what was stated he did. I am more for the laid off disgruntled employee thing.

shiloh1862 said...

Well, they wasted no time. There goes the ballot box. A sad day.

The Austin Texas Bombing Is A HUGE Image Blow To The "Tea Party" Right

It's not clear who the Austin, TX plane crash pilot Joe Stack hung out with, but let's just put it out there and stop playing pretend: this is not good publicity for the "Tea Party" right, and no, we're not saying Stack was a tea partier.

But in his insane manifesto he rails against the IRS, bailouts, and, well, all of the right wing's typical enemies.

Is this fair to the right? No. Will some of the media use this as a chance to smear the "tea partiers"? Sure.

But we're not talking about what's fair, we're just talking about what happens.

The bottom line is that this event is to Obama what Oklahoma City was to Bill Clinton, and Oklahoma City helped Clinton a lot in the dark days after the 1994 election.


Anonymous said...

No no no no! It's Kristallnacht!

pdxr13 said...

I don't see Joe Stack as a 3%er, but he was no commie either. Read the whole text (which won't fit in a comment box).

Here's a memorable quote, which is ironic because the count is only one so nothing will change. -r13

"Nothing changes unless there is a body count"

Joe Stack (1956-2010)

J. Travis said...

Upon reading his rant on Ace, he did seem to be a lefty leaning loon.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Kos is already spinning this.

typeay said...

Go here:

And cycle through ALL of the photos.
This guy did MAJOR damage.

Larry said...

The suicide note definitely puts the blame directly on the IRS; it is no false flag. Although the guy was clearly from Kalifornia (a Texan would have used a remote control aircraft) and had some strange ideas, he was right on about the IRS and the Federal Dictatorship in Washington DC in general. Joe was fed up with being a slave.

Remember, TEA Party stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!






Anonymous said...

Read his letter. It is not very clear what the issues are with the IRS other than to say he seemed to be on their hit list, however he also seems to have walked into a lot of that on his own. I am sympathetic to the guy despite his very muddled political outlook. This letter is vague enough to put him in the tea party movement so as I said before look for the IRS and the FBI to begin painting that picture by about 1800 EST.

As for a false flag operation....REALLY? They push people to this edge everyday of the week. The government does not have to fake outrage they are masters at sowing that naturally.


Tom Austin said...

Good comments here:

Anonymous said...

One thought I had; My taxes are ready to send in.

If you have a refund check due, then you send it to (drum roll please) Austin, TX.

Wanna bet that all refunds get superduper delayed big time this year?


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, I haven't sent my return in already so they can't have "lost" it.


jon said...


Anonymous said...

The Ballad of Carl Drega by Vin Suprynowicz

Has other related material in the book.


Skip said...

Hey, if I could fly, anybody know the gps coordinates of the ATF headshed?

patrick henry said...

It's been shown now that his family was NOT in the house - my guess is that the IRS had threatened seizure and he decided to make sure there was nothing to seize.

While I cannot condone such behavior, all I can think is "what did they do to this poor man?"

My prayers are with his family at this point.

The Evil-party and their lap-dog media will - no question - spin him as a right-wing teabagger and try to pin this on "us", but the sheeple are awake enough to know better. It WILL hurt them more than us by further eroding their already rock-bottom credibility.

I too wonder about the FF theory - although I think a "let it happen" rather than "made it happen" is probably more accurate. They needed something right now and this fits right into their need.


In any case, PLEASE take the time to watch "Freedom to Fascism" -

111 minutes well spent. Pay attention!

God Save Our Republic!

Happy D said...

Further FAA restrictions probably but go here to see why it is pointless.

and here

Strip off the metal landing gear to reduce the radar cross section.
Rip off the V2 guidance system to get it to the target city.
I won't fully explain the terminal guidance system it worked extremely well in WWII development trials. To late and for the war though. The modern versions parts are available from R.C. hobby stores. You will also need a touch screen like on a I Phone or newer ATM.
He stole the ATM but left the money?

Having read parts of the suicide note. I think he was just a Yuppie who went nuts when he was targeted by the IRS policies he probably advocated in college.

Anonymous said...

This ass egg owns his own plane -- but he's too effing cheap to pay his taxes? Taxes that everyone else is expected to pay. But he thinks he's better and smarter than you. Bitch about the IRS -- fine. But to kill someone's grandfather over what -- $20k? How much would you have to owe to attempt mass murder? I don't care if you don't like the government. If you're that effing despondent -- eat a gun and leave the rest of us alone.