Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Waco Jim" raids Sabre Defence: What cluster coitus has the ATF gotten itself into now?

Waco Jim Cavanuagh, ATF.

My thanks to JPR9 for forwarding this. Waco Jim Cavanaugh and his F Troop are up to their old tricks again, although at least this time him and his Fibbie buddies didn't burn down a church with the congregation inside.

I'm merely waiting to see what cluster coital situation or egregious infringement of liberty the ATF has generated this time. Past experience dictates there there WILL be something. Count on it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sabre Defence, go here, here, and here.

Feds raid defense contractor

Agents pay morning visit to Nashville arms manufacturer

By Ken Whitehouse

02-17-2010 10:39 AM —

Federal law enforcement agents, led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, descended on Nashville's Sabre Defence Industries this morning and closed down the facility for at least the day.

Sabre manufactures firearms and firearm parts and accessories. It is contracted by the U.S. armed forces for parts and mounts for the M2 Browning .50-caliber machine gun and Minigun. In addition to its government contracts, it produces the XR15 rifle, non-standard M4 Carbines, and non-standard M16A4s.

Law enforcement officials were seen escorting employees one by one of the company out of their 35,000-square-foot facility on Allied Drive. Each employee was searched next to their personal vehicle, had their vehicle searched and, when cleared, were allowed to leave the premises. No individuals were witnessed being arrested.

After almost all of the employees had left the premises, agents brought in a trailer and backed it up to the company's loading dock.

Reached for comment, federal law enforcement officials declined to comment on their actions and would not specify what the focus of their investigation is.

United Kingdom-based Sabre acquired the Nashville facility in 2002 but had been making military 0.50-caliber barrels and guns since 1979, as well as commercial rifle barrels for various companies. Guy Savage is the CEO and owner of the company, and the Nashville facility is managed by Charles Shearon.

In December of last year, Aerospace Manufacturing Services of Colorado filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee claiming that it is owed $1.05 million for 2,400 .50-calibre machine gun firing bolts.

According to previous media reports, the company employed approximately 85 individuals at its Nashville facility.

Investigate church burnings, burn them down yourself, its all in a well-rounded career for "Waco Jim." Here he tells Alabama Governor Bill Riley at the scene of a church arson what amateurs they're dealing with.

Now THAT'S a church burning. Federals put amateur arsonists to shame, 19 April 1993.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if was in on the Cavalry Arms raid too...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the search warrant that gave them authority to search every employee and all those private vehicles. Talk about a freaking fishing expedition. Jack booted thugs hardly seems sufficient.

Glenthoughts said...

I am SO GLAD I found your blog... will be reading you reagular, even though you SCARE the Crap out of me... (the facts do anyway) Thanks for the informed heads up...

Pat H said...

Well, the Batt Fays have out done themselves on this. I am very familiar with this company, they make very high quality AR-15 barrels, upper receivers, and whole rifles for commercial sale; all in addition to their military contracts. They are a licensee for the production of 6.5 Grendel AR's as well as the more common 5.56NATO rifles.

"Toad" Cavanaugh has got to go, one way, or another.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who they pissed off Mike. Seems hard to believe they'd jeopardize those FedGov contract.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there's any chance of a link (however tenuous) to Tennessee's Firearms Freedom Act?

I presume the truck was there to load up parts, barrels, receivers, weapons for the feds. In essence, seizing what they might have otherwise had to actually pay for through their contract with Sabre. (I guess outright theft of property that the government was intending to purchase is one method of reducing federal outlays.)

To call this bunch jackbooted thugs would be an insult to jackbooted thugs everywhere.


Grey Mann said...

Does this seem to indicate that the FUs have now solidified their desire to paint an 'Enemy Combatant' sign on every one of their JBTs from coast to coast? It appears that they wish to be seen as the SS... and in some places Partisans targeted any SS that they could identify.
History repeating, or unintended consequences?
BTW - no BS - the 'word verification' code is "herat"...

Anonymous said...

Bat Fecals' way of saying, "If you want to stay in business, come out publicly against the 10A effort" ?

Traditional corruption, someone going after Sabre's business by hiring gov't thugs?

Elements of the Obongostration settling political scores?

Righteous law enforcement action taking down a criminal enterprise? Uh huh...


Anonymous said...

There are posts on that claim an employee was stealing (or making on their own time?) select-fire receivers from the company.

That's the reason why they were searching employee vehicles.

Take that for what you will. This whole situation, however, is eerily similar to what happened at CavArms, who just declared they were closing their doors...

Oh, one other thing that Sabre makes is AUG receivers (and some other parts) for the civilian-legal AUG A3 rifles offered by Steyr USA.

Doc Enigma said...

This is about Tennesee's new firearms manufacture act that flips off the feds.

Ok, question: This is a gross violation of that law, so where are the Tennesee STATE POLICE and the resident COUNTY SHERIFF to stand between the LAWFUL operation of a PRIVATE business and the UNLAWFUL violation of STATE LAW by the feds?

Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

As Anon 2:53 said, there is some speculation that this is connected to the continued harassment by BATFEces to Cav Arms, and their current attempts to sell their firearms division (to an as-yet-unknown company).

Appears that between Cav Arms, Sabre & ATI, that the BATFEces have been keeping themselves busy little bee drones.

How far will this nonsense go before some freedom-minded individual says "Enough" & fires the first shot in AmRev II?

B Woodman

Carl said...

My guess is that this raid is directly related to the fact that Tennessee is attempting to exercise its 10th Amend. states' rights. The state did pass a bill that told the feds that they had no jurisdiction over arms mfgd. and sold within the state. You know that ticked off the ATF.

Gandalf Urpees Cavanaugh said...

Where did I read this:

"Our model is rather Lexington and Concord. The British marched out, not intending to start a war but merely to carry out a lightning strike as they had during the Powder Alarm of 1774 and to be back in Boston before the "provincials" could react."

History repeating????

Tvarisch said...

Sounds like a clear case of Sabre's people forgetting to donate to the ATF "Widows and Orphans Fund". Not that I'm implying anything, mind you, because I don't want to come home to find my wife burned to death in our house, but I'd say if one were privy to the financial records of employees of a certain non-Constitutionally legal Federal agency, one might be surprised to find deposits significantly above the range of what one might expect a government salary man to make.

Anonymous said...

The raid was supposedly due to some rifles that were unavailable for sale alledgedly being sold to employees. I'm a Sabre friend on Facebook and recieved a link to the press release. Sabre does not seem to make to big of a deal out of it and is cooperating fully, so it would seem all is well.