Friday, February 19, 2010

Waco Jim's finest hour: How he got to where he is today.

Some folks have asked me why it is I despise (yes, despise IS the right word, I think) Waco Jim Cavanaugh. For an answer, I refer you to the transcript of Mike McNulty's award-winning documentary, Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

James Cavanaugh, ATF Special Agent:
And when we drove up the Davidians opened fire, and I am sickened by any other assertion. I sat there and I watched it. And the gunfire came from those double white doors. I watched it. It's unbelievable, but that's what happened. And anybody else who says anything different; they shot first. And if I thought that an ATF agent would drive up in front of a structure and shoot, I'd throw my badge in the garbage. It didn't happen. . . .

Charles E. Schumer, US Congress, New York (D):
. . . is there any way that somebody could believe that justifiable homicide . . . could be used as a defense here?

James Cavanaugh, ATF Special Agent:
No, Mr. Schumer . . . Assertions that we had helicopters, or men from Mars shooting at them is nonsense. Our agents were laying on the ground shooting at a tower three stories high. Should we be surprised there are bullets on the roof?

Charles E. Schumer, US Congress, New York (D):
Of course, I agree with you, Mr. Cavanaugh. . .

On the phone front, Jim Cavanaugh was trying to get David Koresh to trust him.

Well, I think we need to set the record straight, and that is that there was no guns on those helicopters. There was National Guard officers on those helicopters . . .

Now Jim, you're a damn liar. Now let's get real.

David, I . . .

No! You listen to me! You're sittin' there and tellin' me that there were no guns on that helicopter!?

I said they didn't shoot. There's no guns on . . .

You are a damn liar!

Well, you're wrong, David.

You are a liar!

OK. Well, just calm down . . .

No! Let me tell you something. That night be what you want the media to believe, but there's other people that saw too! Now, tell me Jim again. You're honestly going to say those helicopters didn't fire on any of us?


I'm here.

Cavanaugh: What I'm sayin' is . . . now I listened to you, now you listen to me, OK?

Koresh: I'm listening.

Cavanaugh: What I'm sayin' is that those helicopters didn't have mounted guns. OK? I'm not disputing the fact that there might have been fire from the helicopters. If you say there was fire from the helicopters and you were there that's OK with me. What I'm tellin' you is there was no mounted guns, ya know, outside mounted guns on those helicopters.

Koresh: I agree with you on that.

Alright. Now, that's the only thing I'm sayin'. Now, the agents on the helicopters had guns.

Koresh: I agree with you on that!

Cavanaugh: You understand what I'm sayin'?

Koresh: I agree with you.

Cavanaugh: OK, OK. So see, we're not even in dispute and Steven's getting all worked up over it.

Koresh: Well, no. What the dispute was over, I believe Jim, is that you said they didn't fire on us from the helicopters.

Cavanaugh: Well, what I mean is a mounted gun . . . like a, you know, like a mounted machine gun.

Koresh: Yeah. But like that's beside the point. What they did have was machine guns.

Cavanaugh: OK. I don't know what they had. They were armed. The people inside had pistols or rifles . . .

We agree.

Cavanaugh: OK, alright, that's good, that's good, we agree. So how ya doin' otherwise?

OK, let's recap. He plans a raid that gets 80 plus innocent people killed, commits perjury and gets promoted for it. Any more questions as to why I despise Waco Jim?


The trash can Waco Jim never threw his badge in.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious if this, uh, person, ever had any threats on his life since Waco.

I'm not advocating that anyone make such a threat, much less that they actually threaten his life in some way, nor am I doing the same myself. It is just that if, theoretically, I had certain knowledge that someone was responsible for the murder of one or more of my family members and there was no chance of justice ever being served in this life, I'd theoretically be a very unhappy camper.

I'll emphasize, for any law enforcement types that happen to read this, that I had no family members at Waco, that I am not threatening this scumbag in any way, nor am I advising anyone to do the same. I'm just curious, that's all.

rustynail said...

How anyone can question your opinion of Cavanaugh is ridiculous. Anyone aware of the events at Mount Carmel should realize that our government violated the very rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to our Constitution. I am just ashamed that I didn't respond to that crisis in person. Cagles' cartoon omits one of the other parties that should be burning in hell right now!

Pat H said...

I have known that Jim "Toad" Cavanaugh was a mass murderer for over 15 years. The final information on what happened is in David T. Hardy's book, This is Not an Assault: Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Regarding the Waco Incident. We know from the extensive audio analysis that the BATFAE fired the first shots at the Branch Davidians home and church, setting off the entire event. All courtesy of "Toad"* Cavanaugh.

*I call him "Toad" because he looks like one and his skin color is that of the belly of a toad.

Anonymous said...

Replace that waste basket with a toilet and you got yourself a winner there.

atexan said...

I too will always be ashamed I didn't respond to that crisis in person. I beleived what they were saying on TV. Now I know better. Never again.

straightarrow said...

I will be at the next one, unless of course there are plenty of those federal bastards around here.

the real problem is the controlled media. I knew early on that the feds were lying, for two reasons. one, nothing they said made sense, it just didn't add; two, in the original tape of the ATF agents who approached the front door one could see the compressive wave (four of them) at the muzzle of the rifle held by the agent on the far left as soon as the door opened about a foot. the door then slammed shut and the shots that came from the compound all came through the door as telltaled by the outward explosion of debris. ATf fired first in an effort to murder a man they approached under a truce.

However, despite the evidence available to the eyes of anyone willing to trust himself, one could not convince any other of the true events because they trusted the media's slanted reports more than they trusted themselves. The three that died after entering a second story window were killed by one of their own, couldn't convince anyone of that either. Three of the four went through the window, the fourth immediately, a matter of a second, not nearly enough time for the first three to vacate the room, stepped to window and sprayed it with automatic fire.

Then, of course, there was the declaration of the day of death, which I predicted to within 8 hours. How? Because, I knew that the media conditioning of the public about allegations of child sexual abuse would take about a week to get enough people to say, "they oughta be killed".

Very nearly got in a serious altercation on that one, long story.

However, the mainstream media does not have the power to hide and obstruct the dissemination of the truth as they did then. The next time may end much differently. Especially as the American public will know any justice meted out to armed assassins of the state will need be done immediately sans due process. that is strictly the fault of the state, since they de facto prohibit due process in the service of justice against their own. As evidenced by Waco and Ruby Ridge to name just two.

Billy Rubin said...

Ahhhh, crap! I jsut stepped in a stinkin' pile of cavanaugh!!!

Anonymous said...

"IF!" And I say if there is another incident such as this......
respond armed and ready to defend Americans against the tyrants! I know I will even if I have to strap holsters and bandoliers on my walker.

Anonymous said...

Just remembering this episode has me fuming. The only thing good that came of this, was the public now knows and does not believe everything our government says any longer. Waco, kill the so called cultish Christians, Ruby Ridge, kill those so called white supremicists. Condition the American people to support their own destruction, especially those of us who have always supported the government, military, L.E. and etc. But, thank God for the internet and those individuals who support freedom by writing and providing us a place to visit. Now, because of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina et al, we have concealed carry, the second amendment being discussed in the Supreme Court,Tea Parties, the Oath Keepers and etc. I know these don't even come close to fixing what is wrong, But, I see individuals being more politically active and hope for us as humans, first, makes me proud and willing to continue the fight. Next time the Government states some one practicing their 1st Amendment rights is engaged in something nefarious, I at least will not be one of the mass of believers. Just need a leader and the match will be lit. Take care all. Dan

Anonymous said...

One way to debunk the ATF claim that they were under "a hail of bullets from the Branch Davidians" is the video most commonly used by them & the media as proof,: The section w/ the agents hiding behind vehicles & shooting upward @ the part of the building above the front door. All you have to do is run that part & then ask the following questions: If what the ATF says is true about how heavy the gunfire was from the Branch Davidians, then,

1. Why aren't the vehicles riddled w/ holes?
2.Why wasn't the glass of those vehicles completely shot out?
3. Where are the puffs of dust from bullet hits on the bone dry ground around the agents & the vehicles.
4. Why are agents standing up in the clear & shooting?

I've used the above to good effect on numerous occasions & the reactions I get are always the same: Shock & then anger @ the Feds for lying to the public, shock & then fear followed by departure, or hostility & accusations of being "one of those paranoid right-wing anti-govt militia nuts who hates America/the govt/cops & wants to see the country turned into the Wild West/descend into Mad Max style anarchy/become a male dominated theocracy where women are baby factory slaves". I've yet to figure out why that last one comes up, but it occasionally does. Another bit of "inconvenient truth" that damages the ATF's story is from the agent who drove the Fed filled cattle truck & claimed, under oath, that he was taking .50 cal machinegun fire from an upper part of the main building & that "it was a miracle that everybody wasn't killed". All that's necessary here is to show that particular piece of BS, show the layout of the incident, & then have those who see/read it ask someone they know who's used said weapon if it's true. With the large number of combat vets around from Nam, Gulf 1/Kuwait, Afghanistan, & Iraq, finding someone who can authoritatively dispute that claim should be easy for most people to do.

Cassandra (of Troy)