Monday, February 22, 2010

Paul Krugman's Shamanistic Election Night Party.

Cavemen around a fire, or a Paul Krugman Election Night Barbeque?


There is a puff-piece on lefty economist Paul Krugman in the New Yorker here. Here's the snippet that stands out:

Once Obama won the primary, Krugman supported him. Obviously, any Democrat was better than John McCain.

“I was nervous until they finally called it on Election Night,” Krugman says. “We had an Election Night party at our house, thirty or forty people.”

“The econ department, the finance department, the Woodrow Wilson school,” Wells says. “They were all very nervous, so they were grateful we were having the party, because they didn’t want to be alone. We had two or three TVs set up and we had a little portable outside fire pit and we let people throw in an effigy or whatever they wanted to get rid of for the past eight years.”

“One of our Italian colleagues threw in an effigy of Berlusconi.”

“I put out some coloring paper and markers so that people could write stuff on it and throw it into the fire. People really felt like there was stuff they wanted to shed! I had little hats and party whistles.”

So here you have all these high-flown lefty intellectuals from Princeton gathered around a fire, burning George Bush action figures -- or some such voodoo-like nonsense -- like superstitious pagan cavemen with Krugman acting as the grand high poobah shaman.


When the social and moral excrement finally hits the economic collapse rotary oscillator in this country resulting in general societal breakdown, these uncomprehending, self-obsessed, arrogant idiots will be eaten by the the illiterati of their own side. And when it happens, they will be astonished that the cannibal army does not understand the benevolence of their good intentions. Even as they are forced into the pot at gunpoint, these sages will be wondering, "Don't these poor unfortunates know that guns can hurt them?"

Fortunately for the cannibals, stupidity does not ruin the taste of the meat. Or so I'm told.


The inevitable reward of most liberal economists. "But you can't eat ME, I'm from Princeton!"


Anonymous said...

The main downside to this wonderful Libtards-eat-their-own fantasy is that it will only happen when western society, the US of A, and freedom & liberty all collapse into the cannibal pot as well.

We will be at the point of defending ourselves against the cannibal hoard that has finished devouring the Libtard elitists, and are still hungry because they can't produce food for themselves.

But on the upside, we WILL be able to defend ourselves. But will it be worth it? I picture the last few pages of "Atlas Shurgged", where Dagny, flying away to Galt's Gulch, watches the lights of New York City go totally out, and the country decend into dog-eat-dog chaos.

B Woodman

Chaplain Tim said...

Not trying to throw the race card, but since they were burning effigies of Bush and Berlisconi will they call it "White Magic"?
Sorry, haven't had my first cup of coffee yet, so the humor filters aren't fully engaged,


Kevin Patrick said...

There are better reasons to hate Krugman than religious pseudo-bigotry, in my opinion.

Wyn Boniface said...


The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

So would being a cannibal get me the ripped abs of the guy in the poster there? Anthropophagy might have some benefits....

But just imagine how that story would have been written if it had been a group of conservatives burning Obama in effigy.

Pat H said...

Paul Krugman is today's incarnaiton of John Maynard Keynes, the father of the command/centralized western state, you all know, the type of government that has failed miserably over and over again to do anything other than steal the productive to give to the ruling elite, in both Britain and in America.

Krugman himself is a genuine crazy, his "party games" reflect that pretty well.

Anonymous said...

"You can't eat me, I'm from PRINCETON!!!"

You've summed up the attitude of so many libtards. What you describe is right in line with what Tom Baugh (Starving The Monkeys) sees as the future.

When the MZBs cast off all restraint, I can only hope that they at least start with the gun control, peace-loving libtards. Predators start with the defenseless in the herd, right?

There's only cold, dark, horrible comfort in any scenario where the MZBs cast off restraint. It is certain that they won't stop with libtards, nor be stopped-or even slowed down by libtards.


Dr.D said...

I AM Pagan and this makes my bile rise............


Anonymous said...

Well... as I always say:

You all voted for the dumbocrats all these years ... and here we are.

You all voted for the repikocrats all these years ... and here we are.

The destination is the same whether you are taking quick route or the scenic route.

Anyone care to tell me what the Obamanation has done that EL Busho didn't?

Bush Health Care Agenda

How about the Bush bailout?

The Bush surge's?

How about the Bush PATRIOT Act and the Obama PATRIOT Act extension?

Etc., etc.

Same route ... different face.

Do any of you really believe that if El Busho was elected to a 3rd term ... things would have been better or different?

McCaniac? LOL!

Please. Either the constitution means what it says ... or it doesn't. Bush was no more a constitutionalist than the Obama ... or any other of the candidates who were running for president last election ... except one man.

At the rate we are going, wait until the next election (if there is one) ... and most of you will REPEAT ... FAIL.

Sorry ... but it just has to be said.

Happy D said...

“I put out some coloring paper and markers so that people could write stuff on it and throw it into the fire. People really felt like there was stuff they wanted to shed! I had little hats and party whistles.”

Coloring paper and markers!? What is he a eight year old girl?

Progressives they are just so much more sophisticated than us lesser races.

Anonymous said...

Now here's the counterpoint:

"Paul Krugman has emerged as Obama's toughest liberal critic. He's deeply skeptical of the bank bailout and pessimistic about the economy. Why the establishment worries he may be right."

I'll give Krugman credit in that at least he isn't being blinded by the light anymore...

Anonymous said...


Lemme guess: Ron Paul, right?

How many states did he win? Oh, that's right..NONE.

Granted, the man has good, hell, GREAT ideas, but he's completely and totally unelectable.

His supporters are near-fanatical, but that's a BAD thing, and a complete turn-off to even hardcore conservatives. Ron, don't employ nutjobs and thruthers!

So, in the meantime, I'll hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils: whomever is least likely to kick down my door and take my guns.

And now with the TEA Party, perhaps we'll see improvements in the Republican side of things.

Anonymous said...

Local libtard here -- from Princeton, even!

I actually really like this site. I appreciate the humor. I'm with you all the way on gun rights and abuses of power.

The point is, we're not actually all the same. Some lefties are actually your natural allies -- people like me, who were upset with Bush mainly for civil liberties issues, and are now disappointed that Obama hasn't proved much different. I was, in fact, linked to your site from a Mother Jones article.

Paul Krugman gets on my nerves these days -- I seriously can't reconcile Krugman the redoubtable scholar with Krugman the pundit -- but I'm not sure that letting off some steam with a goofy, cathartic ritual is the worst strike against him. The more time you spend in the political arena, the more personally stressful it can be. Burning stuff in effigy is a grand American political tradition!

As for "libtards eat their own," that actually is a good point, if you're talking about the fact that the Democratic Party is a pretty diverse coalition. We ivory tower folks have different expectations from politics than, say, a union guy, or a first-generation immigrant, who might not in fact be ideological liberals. I think intraparty diversity is one of the main reasons that Democrats have such a hard time passing liberal policies even when they're in the majority -- so many of their voters are not liberals.