Thursday, February 4, 2010

Logistics: ALICE Packs with Frame for $29.00 plus shipping.

The venerable ALICE Pack.

My thanks to Len for forwarding this link.

I've no experience in dealing with these folks, but the price seems very competitive if as described.

Product Description:

ALICE packs for sale. Medium and large. With frames. Frames are "depot rebuilds" and packs are excellent to new (large) and very good (medium). Will ship UPS for actual cost.

Also, on the same site, these:

ALICE pack shelves, made in 1976, new in wrap.

$3.00 each
$50 for a box of 25
$125 for a case of 100



Sean said...

They work and they're good. I leave metal frames behind. They add weight, and increase your signature on ground surveilance radar. I also have the remnants of boils,still,on my back, from using a framed Alice, forty years ago. I throw a couple of bay leaves in the bottom of the main compartment,to keep bugs out. A five quart will attach nicely to the top.

thysrthsr said...

If any guy who had a group - militia, irregulars, bowling buds, shooting club - had the discretionary funds, he could buy a quantity of these things and hold them back until needed for his outfit, or else go ahead and sell them at cost & shipping to his mates. Probably save a lot on shipping coses by ordering a number of them.
- j -

Anonymous said...

Just a heads-up, over on the FALfiles forum the member cozmacozmy is selling LG and MED ALICE packs for $26.00 as you have them shown, and $29.00 for them with the upgraded MOLLE II kidney pads.

Here's the link:

Don't know if you've ever tried the newer kidney pads, but they're much more comfotable that the old ones. I'm not connected to the seller in any way, just a very satisfied customer.

May be worth a look for folks that are on a tight budget like myself. Every little bit saved just gets more gear/ammo. :)

Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

The link to the shelf is not working anymore.

MadDawg308 said...

The link isn't working because someone committed to the deal, and the item was "sold". Just search the same site for "ALICE" and you'll see another listing. I'll make sure of it, since I am the one with the ALICE shelves for sale.

Many thanks to Mike for linking to my listing. I am always happy to help fellow Threepers out with good equipment at fair prices. I ended up with over 8,000 of the pack shelves about 10 years ago. I have been farming them out slowly, but over 10 years only managed to pawn off 1K or so, I still have 70 cases in storage.

Most of the other dealers that got these things sold them off as scrap metal, and many urged me to, just to turn them over quickly. However, I saw that as too much of a waste of a good tactical item, so I kept them, instead of having them melted down. I just hope that many of these shelves have ended up in good homes.

Thanks again, guys. I am a fond reader of this blog site, keep up the great posts, Mike.

Living free, proud to be III.

Cozmacozmy said...

WOW my first ever blog entry... I wanted to say thanks to LocalYocal for posting about my Alice gear I'm selling over at I am running short on the shoulder straps, but have plenty of frames and LG/med ruck packs left along with some other gear. Anyone know a good place to get multiple shoulder straps cheap?