Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Call to All Patriots of the Founders' Republic: "Proceed ever more boldly."

"Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito," or, in English, "Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it." -- The Aeneid, Book VI by Publius Vergilius Maro (October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC, also known by the Anglicised form of his name, Virgil); it is also the motto of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama.

So, today a guy who according to news reports was so self-absorbed that he set his own house on fire while his wife and child were inside, so that a neighbor had to rescue them; a guy who despised the Catholic Church as much as he despised the Infernal Revenue Service -- that guy apparently stole a light plane and dove it like a meteor into the first-floor offices of the IRS in Austin, Texas, no doubt shouting "BANZAI!" as he emulated the Japanese pilots of World War II.

Casualties on the ground are, at this writing, unclear, although they appear to be light. What is clear is what is happening in the media and to a certain degree within the heads of the people who are on our side, the Founders' side, in our struggle to restore the Republic to something like its original purpose.

"Another Oklahoma City!" trumpets one collectivist blogger. "This is sure to discredit the Tea Baggers!" writes another. Within the Tea Party movement itself, people who were already moving toward the GOP as "our only hope" started skittering in the direction of the RINOs even faster, not wanting to be seen as one of the alleged "ten percent" who the New York Times called paranoid right-wing extremists the other day. This meme will only grow louder after today. (For example, Bill O'Reilly, who has been hosting that lying castrato Mark Potok of the Southern Preposterous Lie Center lately, is proceeding to haul the collectivists' water for them today by having Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers on to answer the bullshit charge of militia apostasy.)

But this I know: now is not the time to seek accommodation with the Party of the Dead Elephant. People who say that "We NEED them -- we can't do anything else but join them, this is a two-party nation" are stating the true order of things precisely upside down -- it is the GOP who needs US, not the other way around.

"What will you say," someone just asked me, "when you are asked about what happened in Austin today?" -- as if that was the most pressing issue we have to deal with.

I told her and I will tell you:

I have no sympathy for a man so selfish he takes his own life while at the same time endangering his family with a fiery death. I have no sympathy for a man whose worldview posits all evil in the institution of the Catholic Church, though while certainly flawed still does much good in the world. I have no sympathy for a man who dives an airplane into a building where there might be innocents present. Had I been on the ground at the airport before he took off with perfect knowledge of his plans, I would have shot him in defense of those innocents, if nothing else. No Fort Sumters, I think I have been plain in speaking, and I meant it.

But having said that, I will tell you this -- as long as the Leviathan federal government continues to act in an oppressive and unconstitutional fashion, airplanes will be flown into federal buildings, government agents will be shot in the street and tyranny-addled, desperate people will do desperate things. Were I a federal employee, I would take such incidents to be an increasing sign of the times and pay heed to the warning. I would get out before somebody flew a plane into my office.

I will not apologize for this moke, for he is not one of mine, and I am done patiently explaining the difference between him and me.

I am also done explaining to our own side why they shouldn't take counsel of their fears, why they should look around, consider, and understand how truly powerful they are. I am done wasting my breath because if the people of the United States do not understand yet how divided and deadly dangerous this country has become at the hands of the Gramscian revolutionary collectivists and their Dead Elephant Party apologists, they will never get it. Not now, not later -- at least, not in time to do anything about it but mutter "oh, shit" and die as the Leviathan grinds them into the dust of history.

I say now is the time to heed Virgil's words, "do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it." Will the activists of the Tea Party be conned into trading their birthright for a mess of Dead Elephant pottage? Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn. Although I have tried my level best to avoid a civil war, I do not think we will get out of this sustained attack by the Gramscian revolutionists without killing. Somewhere, sometime, at some unexpected flash point, they will kill some of us and then we will begin killing some of them in righteous self defense, and the ball will open. "One hundred heads."

But having done my level best, I will not feel personally guilty for it, in the unlikely event that I last beyond the first day. And I refuse now to be apologetic for incidents such as today's, or, worry about how to persuade the Tea Party-ers otherwise when they seem intent on selling out their own cause.

Be bold, I say. Continue with your preparations. Continue with your training. Steel your minds and steel your hearts. You have nothing to apologize for.

To quote my good friend Pete, "We're screwed. There's gonna to be a fight. Let's win."


Anonymous said...

Brute honesty is a trait I admire. I have a feeling you WILL survive the first day. You want to see the future get better, and like Rocky, "you want it more than he does."

It's sad to see this happen, but I will not take the blame for someone else's actions.

Wyn Boniface said...

I agree he is not a patriot. Perhaps he was once upon a time, but trying to kill the people a patriot would defend (his family) is not an action any of us would support.

I was actually thinking of going quiet due to this garbage. I know they are going to utilize it to smear any pro-liberty/constitution individuals to the ninth degree. You are correct in the fact that now is not the time to clam up. I am appreciate the fact that you have pointed very concisely he is not a patriot.

He was as you said a "loser" and a sad man to boot. He was at the end of his rope. He probably did not see how he could recover from whatever financial issue he had, and decided to take out his rage on those around him and the IRS. I bet he thought he would even get sympathy for attacking the IRS because he had to know that there are a great number of people who are not too keen on that institution. A loser and a pathetic human being is all he is in reality, and that should be stressed whenever this comes up.

Anonymous said...

When I was graduating from college, the IRS was at my school recruiting. I walked right past their table, because my principles would not allow me to support their work.
There were no innocent people in that building.
The "government" is made up of people. That makes resistance an ugly, violent thing.

Wayne LaTrine said...

I blame Bush.

TJP said...

I encourage folks to track down Joe Stack's suicide note. The poor fellow mentally painted himself into a corner, railing against destructive government interference at some points, and elsewhere demanding government fix his personal problems.

That about sums up the current situation, and why oscillation is mistaken for linear progress.

So this is what we have to work with: people with the mental viscosity of molasses, with a few kamikaze sprinkles on top. The Tea Party people are a welcome break, but history is not on their side.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that we will see more of this with increasing frequency as the pressures of financial and societal breakdown continue to build. The collectivists will try to use this against us. The best way to prepare to face this at this stage is to know what this sad individual said and be prepared to use that against our detractors. No where in there did he mention gun control, Tea Parties, III percent, or any Constitutionalist ideology. Do not let any attack, especially in the media, go unchallanged. O'Reilly should be the first on our list unless he redeems himself with Stewart Rhodes tonight.

jon said...

i would argue you understate the role of the catholic church in preserving western thought and civilization -- in centuries gone by, when all else was darkness -- but actually a few other people have already written papers and books on the subject, and those could probably do it better (and would take their time doing so). now i am no catholic, but once you have even read summaries of the relevant historical works, it is not difficult to argue that western civilization would not exist today without the church. of course, that doesn't mean all evil in the world isn't also there now, today, but i think it's obvious where the burden of proof lies.

evil and the world go hand in hand. one should not dally under the illusion that it is somehow out of place, or undesireable, for evil to reside in a worldly organization of any kind, no matter what it purports to represent. instead, it is positively desireable, and very much our place, to rise above evil, above party, above state, individually. the two are not the same. the law of the excluded middle is one for formal systems, not informal life.

Anonymous said...

I have several questions about his suicide.
What drove this man to this point? Was the IRS even involved / to blame for his self-destruction?

I have heard ABOUT the suicide note, even heard a few excerpts on the radio, but have not seen / heard the full thing. And I've heard that the web site that the note was on, has been taken down.

So -- is someone hiding something that "they" don't want "us" to know? [Don't go too far down that path -- that way lies madness and conspiracy theory]. Did anyone get a screen shot that can be posted on line for the rest of us to read?

Until I hear more, about the note, about his background, (family) life, business, finances; I will continue to wonder if this man was firing a Fort Sumter shot, or a blow for freedom against an oppressor.

Granted, that DOES NOT absolve (hee hee, he said "absolved") him from the heinous crime of burning his own house and attempting to kill his wife and daughter.

B Woodman

straightarrow said...

It hasn't been all that many months ago that I predicted the outliers, the less stable, would be the first to strike a blow. While I can't condone what this guy did, I can see how it happened and how it will occur more and more. At some point, it won't be the unstable or the paranoiac who strikes. But being as they are already on a hair trigger they are the first. Unfortunately they often do things that are unjustified because of their instability and inability to properly identify the problem, the cause, or the solution.

Because of their early notoriety all those who may be justified in striking will painted with the same brush if and/or when they must fight.

This is why we can't care about what people think of us. We must be resolute in our determination to restore the republic and not take counsel of our fear of being marginalized in the minds of our inattentive fellow citizens.

IdahoHunter said...

This is exactly the kind of situation the .gov needs to begin the crackdown you know must come. Time will be short now. First the piecemeal approach, then a blanket program. Things can get really hairy from here on out.

Newbius said...

B Woodman: Here is the note. I printed a copy to paper before the site went down and can attest that the document is the same.


Carl Bussjaeger said...

Not excusing or condemning what Stack apparently did yet. But the reports I'm seeing now say that his wife and daughter were NOT endangered by the house fire, that they showed up later. Similarly, reports say the aircraft used was registered to Stack (apparently how the Feds determined who did it). No endangerment of family, no theft.

IF (and not proved, by any means) Stack's suicide note is accurate, then he seemingly tried to work within the system (albeitly with less than usual methods) and got screwed.

I'm not going to canonize the guy, but I'm not going to demonize him yet either.

Anonymous said...

One thing he stated in his suicide note was that he expected his action to result in draconian steps against general aviation, and hoped it would cause more people to become angry at the government.

Watch for owners and pilots of light GA aircraft and the airports they operate from to be hit with monstrous security measures.

jon said...

readers should take a gander at his essay for two reasons. one is that the content is clearly of a caliber not suited to someone who is crazy, despite the fact that he is someone who went crazy, and it makes some points you should consider about corporatism.

two, he is clearly a left-liberal. progressive all the way. how, oh how, will the media be able to spin his resentment to align it with the tea party resentment? they won't. they can't.

their primary audience is more than simply internet-savvy. this is on TSG; this will get around. let them try. it will backfire.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that it is coming sooner than we hoped. But WTH, it was coming anyway.

Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure. 100 heads is not going to be enough.

johnnyreb said...

Stacks "manifest" is still online at The Smoking Gun website.

johnnyreb said...

Typo, should have been "Mainfesto".

Mayberry said...

You are 100% spot on with this post...

Pat H said...

A couple of things. First, the aircraft he used was his, not stolen.

Second, his wife and child were already at a next door neighbors when the fire at the house was started, no one had to rescue them.

Remember, the media and government disinformation machine began almost immediately when this event transpired.

I'm not recommending anyone do this, but I'd be a liar if I said the IRS didn't deserve worse.

Want to hurt the leviathan? Hit its fuel supply. Stark attempted to do that.

PalmettoDrew said...

Mike, you are spot on with this post. When stuff like this comes up I usually go to you to get a does of common sense. For a young pup like me you are The Old Man in the most respectful sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Means, method, and will- you have them and as a result are always welcome to come hang with some of us free persons out this way!

3% - Freedom or Death...I refuse to bow to a dictator.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered that he is not the one who set his home ablaze?

How would you think of him then?

Anonymous said...

My idea of a sweet revenge is NOT to fly a plane into the enemy's building but rather what I call "Constipation". I have done it 2 times so far and it worked both times. Constipation is simply dumping some dry ready-mix concrete powder down the target's sewer clean out plug. Water from flushing the toilet will cause the concrete powder to set up and harden. One target was the bar/restaurant owned by the family of a corrupt local official. They didn't get around to calling in the plumbers for almost a month, by that time the bouncers were tired of squeeging the bathroom floors out the back door. No clue who dumped a couple of 2 liter bottles (cut off the tops) down the clean out plug. Just let the IRS deal with that one. The gas can be cut off at the meter when the temp gets to 5 below zero (burst every pipe). Why let the sob's cause you to kill yourself when a little creativity can make THEM MISERABLE.

Scott J said...

I posted my thoughts as my Facebook status:
The moonbat who flew the airplane into the IRS building in Austin today was neither left-wing nor right-wing. He was simply a nut. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Tar E. Stools said...

Anon 7.36 wrote:
Has anyone considered that he is not the one who set his home ablaze?"
Damn!! That did not occur to me at all!! Now, let's not suddenly go paranoid, BUT what indeed if someone else set the fire AND was unaware that the wife and kid were not inside??
Does anyone think that the scenario is beginning to shape up like a footnote from Absolved????

Jason Cato said...

He probably burned his house down because the IRS was going to seize it anyways.

Anonymous said...

"he is not one of mine"

Well, who sounds like a collectivist and self-absorbed now. Like all people with rage need to get your permission or follow your orders or they won't be one of yours. And now everyone on a blog gets to judge him, like they are actually accomplishing anything. All the while believing everything written by the MSM about the event. Weren't you criticizing the MSM not too long ago. Now you believe all their "facts". The FBI had no problem ordering his website be immediately being taken down.

Anonymous said...

Now that the truth - that he DID NOT attempt to murder his family - has come out, it sort of puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?

PLEASE don't get me wrong - I am not supporting his actions.

HOWEVER, I *DO* understand the despair that can push a good man into doing apparently evil things. I've been abused by our "legal system" in ways most people can't even imagine.

I've been stripped of my home, my belongings, my money and my children based solely on the word of an evil woman - and had the full power of the state arrayed against me to enforce her "punishments."

As a result, I've sat at my kitchen table in the depths of despair trying to decide whether or not to kill my attacker before I killed myself.

Thank G*d I didn't quit, but rather vowed to FIGHT so long as I had breath in my body, and eventually came out ABSOLVED (Why does that word seem so familiar?) and victorious.

I came to a certain epiphany during this torture, and I could not resist the opportunity to share it with her Attorney when I passed him in a quiet and deserted courthouse hallway.

This epiphany fits this "stack" situation perfectly, as well as our Republic at large - so I'm going to share it here.

Please take the time to THINK about this.

If our would-be masters in DC and beyond would think about it then we might still be able to head off what is coming.

It is simple, yet incredibly profound. It is this:

If you take away everything that matters to a man, you should not be surprised when he acts as if he has nothing left to lose.

Right or wrong, Stack was a man who felt he had nothing left to lose.

The first thing that went through my mind when I heard this on the radio today was "Dear G*D - what did those bastards to to that man."

Would any of us blame David Olafson if he'd done something similar?

I'm happy to report that I was awarded sole legal custody of my kids, and they've simply thrived in my care. They are today - a dozen years later - incredibly intelligent, beautiful, accomplished women.

In the long run it was worth ~$200k, several years of my life, and all the hell I had to survive to give them the gift of a good life.

However I still shudder to think how close I came to leaving them orphans because I could not see any way out of the hell I was in, and believed they'd be better off orphans than raised by that sick, violent woman. In truth I still believe that to this day.

Back in my more naive days, when I read about some guy shooting his ex and her attorney outside a courthouse, I couldn't comprehend how anyone could be so evil. I came to understand that his action - though violent - may well have been the only way he believed he had to fight back AGAINST the REAL evil.

After living through a similar hell, I now immediately ask myself "What did they do to that poor man" - because I now understand that when you take away everything that matters to a man, he'll act as if he's got nothing left to lose.

Johnny said...

I saw a blog comment somewhere:

"Interesting. But, the enemy of my enemy is my enemies' enemy. That's it."

This guy clearly was not a Threeper - some kind of personal grudge against the unfairness of life is not what this is about.

Shy Wolf said...

Anyone who wants to read Joe Stack's "letter" can go to my site and read it.

Pat H said...

Anonymous 7:36 said "Has anyone considered that he is not the one who set his home ablaze?

How would you think of him then?"
There's also a question of whether or not the guy wrote the "manifesto" or not.

The question remains, what will leviathan attempt to do about this action which did not use guns, prohibit private aircraft ownership? Require transponders on all private aircraft to monitor their location at all times? Something else?

Larry said...

If a gang has a gun to your head and is stealing your money, do you really care if the guy that runs them over with his car is a nut job?


straightarrow said...

Anonymous 12:11, were you aware that you were typing two biographies?

Adrian said...

But, with all that said, he was obviously some sort of limousine liberal douche. At least, that is my impression from his manifesto, acting as if he speaks for the common working man -- what with is $350K house and all. FFS!

Happy D said...

Anon #7 I like your style.
I have been thinking along the same lines for a while now.