Monday, June 15, 2015

Typical of Gottlieb's habit of preemptive surrender.

"Sir, that's not enemy fire. The battle hasn't begun yet. That's our own pyrotechnics going off." Gottlieb: "It's never too soon to surrender, private."
Gottlieb's Igor is paving the way for his master to preemptively surrender. "If it comes down to Jeb v. Hillary, who do gun owners vote for?"
How about "None of the above?" How about we spend our election day cleaning our rifles and polishing our armed civil disobedience plans? Besides, what makes these guys think we're going to actually HAVE a 2016 election? Habit? Inability to sense when the paradigm has shifted? Because we're Americans and we can't have another civil war?
You will note that Workman blames the loss of I-594 on firearm owners who sat out the election, NOT on his boss's and the NRA's childish games that alienated everybody. Of course, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault in Gottlieb's universe. And if you don't like it, you can always send him more money to achieve the same losing result.
And I'll make another prediction. Gottlieb, Workman and the whole SAF crowd will be nowhere to be seen at the Yakima Arms Expo this weekend. If we all get killed, they will write us off as collateral damage of our own making and fundraise on the incident before our dead bodies are safely in the ground.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It does not matter a damn if they have a D or R by their name. No one is entitled to my vote.

Steve Miller said...

Can't believe I've actually shaken Workman's hand and didn't immediately wash mine afterwards. Being a WA patriot I particularly feel the smear here thrown out there by a desperate Workman. Such contempt needs to be thrown back in his face.

ExGeeEye said...

Last November, there were 16,170 registered voters in my township. Of them, 8,481– 52.45%– voted.

The other 7,689 let the other 8,481 decide everything that was on the ballot.

Maybe they trusted their neighbors. Maybe they distrusted themselves. Maybe they thought they didn't know enough about the issues to make a decision. Maybe they didn't care.

Maybe some of them thought that they somehow affected the situation by refusing to vote, as a form of protest.

If so…they were wrong. Their lack of participation amounted to Jack Doodly Squat. Opinions that aren't counted don't count.

I voted. In this instance, what I voted for won. So I'm just as glad that anyone who would have voted the other way despised their privilege enough to stay home.

You have the right to not vote. Do as you please. But please don't call me wrong for doing as I please...

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had a similar conversation. If it came down to Jeb vs SHrillery, I said I'd do a write-in. She was incensed that I would "waste my vote" (or similar sentiment). I told her that I would not vote for statist collectivists, but I would still vote my conscience.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I can tell you that this is proceeding exactly as the MARXIST DEMOCRATS would wish it to, and that means that someone has control of the the republican party, who should not have those controls in their hands.

This happens every election now, absolutely the same format, same tactics and at the end, we end up with a MARXIST winning.

Jeb Bush isn't a MARXIST but he is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE BASE, and so therefore, the base walks away and the MARXISTS WIN AGAIN.

THIS, is not accidental! It is contrived and deliberate. There is no backlash from the party "leadership" and so therefore it may be assumed that they are in this up to their necks. Obviously the funding is coming from the other side as well.

Anonymous said...

If it comes down to Bush vs Clinton again: I'm writing In Mike V!

See ya at the expo young man!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X