Monday, June 15, 2015

Attack of Batman's troll.

Holy troll, Batman!
Lefty with a Gun
Where's the Batman adult supervision? Robin's a troll, certainly.


Anonymous said...

I used to read an internet gun discussion board with self-proclaimed lofty ideals of civility in discourse. One of the popular recurring themes in its "activism" topic was the idea of "taking an anti to the range" to try to win over converts.

If a leftard asshole tried to do to me in real life what he does to me every time he enters a voting booth, I'd have a pretty good case for using lethal force in self defense. It is a stupid idea to put a gun in the hands of any of these collectivist vermin.

Robin said...

Holy cats, you guys have lost it. I submit that you are trolls and I'm not. I am a retired Army officer with 25 years of service and missing body parts because of that service. I did two tours with the 82d Abn Div and spent a lot of time laying in the jungles of Central America. I didn't see you there. Where were you?
Apparently, polite disagreement is no longer good enough for all of you. You have become the "True Believers" that you constantly berate. I was attempting to warn you that you are becoming what you hate. Apparently, you didn't get my point. My mistake. Sorry.

Robin said...

Sir, Please do me the courtesy of reviewing your commenters so you can see that I've supported you in the past. Also, please re-read the comment tread. I asked a polite question, I didn't call anyone any names, and I replied courteously. I have never hidden my identity or my disagreements, so I am definitely not a troll. You can contact me personally, if you want. My email is I am a 59 year old, Christian, retired Military Intelligence Major, and I don't like being made out to be a bad guy when I am one of the good guys. Why you called me a troll, I don't know.
Knowing that you do your research, I invite you to read (or re-read) Eric Hoffer's The True Believer. Mr. Codrea's response to my inquiry and subsequent comments is in line with Mr. Hoffer's descriptions and supposition. It is as if he is going out of his way to prove my point. Why would anyone call their supporters derogatory names? It is counter-productive.

THEBigFatPanda said...

Anyone who is willing to admit that having a gun to protect yourself is a damn good idea is ok in my book. We can work on her other strange beliefs later. :)

BTW, I understand totally her comment about popping the next person over but not acting on it. When I got my first CCW, as I sat reassembling my pistol after cleaning it, a wave of emotion overcame me when it suddenly hit me full force I was holding the power of life and death in my hands. Very sobering feeling.