Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My apologies to the armed civil disobedience resisters of the state of New York. I've been saying that their noncompliance with the SAFE Act is 90%. Turns out it's more like NINETY FIVE PERCENT!

"You can eat a turd if you have enough ketchup." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh.
State Police hands over SAFE Act data
Meanwhile, the antigunners are trying to eat this particular turd and smile by covering it with a liberal dose of ketchup: Statement by New Yorkers Against Gun Violence on Assault Weapons Registrations
I'm working on a plan to bring the armed civil disobedience to New York state in a very public manner later this year. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

We're waiting on you Mike... And take note America - Upstate NY ( and it's hard working people) is NOT NYC and it's money changers..

Block Of Instruction said...

There are two New York's. The city of, and the state. Very few care about what happens there,(city of) and a few never even gave pause, on 9/11. The state of, is another matter, as many a good American lives within it's borders. My guess, if the city burnt to the ground, my (and many others) only remorse would be for the 4 legged animals that could not escape. Many a city in this country is same/same, and when it starts, tickets to watch them eat each other will be the cheapest entertainment on this rock!

Galaxie_Man said...

That's frickin' AWESOME! I am sure the numbers are low for CT non-compliance, also. All they have to go on is simple math and guess work. Just because 50,000+ firearms were registered, does not mean hard data. I know people with well more than one firearm, but no one will ever really know because NO ONE IS TALKING. As far as the banned magazines go, I believe there were about 14,000 registered out of tens of millions. In Kommiecticut, you are just as bad a felon with banned, unregistered magazines as you are with banned, unregistered firearms.

Count me as a proud member of The Armed Civil Disobedience many times over.

Anonymous said...

As an Ex NY'er I am absolutely shocked at the scope of Non compliance. I did not think NY'ers had it in them to thumb their noses at Cuomo. (I am still glad that I left).

The general consensus is that the persons who registered are doing so because they are LEO's or others who risk loosing their pensions if they get caught with an unregistered 'Assault Rifle" There are just over 45,000 LEO in NY according to the internet!

Also the fact that ALL handguns (Legally owned that is) are Registered and the Government knows who owns them makes it easier to track down gun owners that it would be in other states. Lots of normally law abiding citizens are hiding the guns somewhere.

The state originally estimated Two Million AR's, then downgraded their estimate to One Million when registrations failed to materialize. Then there are the magazines, where did they all go?


Geoff Ross ( Happily living in PA, with my Homeland defense rifles)

Anonymous said...

ONE THIRD of those registered were registered in NYC or Long Island - makes the contemplation of the numbers from "Upstate NY" quite interesting, actually.

Also, these numbers could be a melange of the axiom "Lies, damned lies, and statistics".

ExNuke said...

Mike you don't need to put yourself out. It appears the New York peasants with the guns are doing a fine job of ignoring Cuomo's ego all by themselves. He said "get on your knees or else" when he didn't have an "else" to back up his royal decree, and now he looks like the ineffectual pretender he is.

Anonymous said...

2755 in Nassau County. Heh. I *know* more rifle owners than that

Mark III said...

I am in upstate NY and the proud owner of more than a few unregistered "assault weapons". Most of the people I consort with are in the same boat. I know of exactly two people who registered. One is a cop and the other is a cowardly, self-serving local radio guy. So, 24,000 people registered 44,ooo guns, out of 1,000,000+. That's pretty bad news for the collectivist schmucks. Consider that 30-40% of those came from "downstate", where these guns have already been illegal for many years unless you're a cop (meaning that the registered guns all belonged to cops). Consider that the NYPD alone has 51,000 employees. Also consider that there are thousands of employees of the NYSP (State Troopers) who are required to disclose the firearms they own during the hiring process and, as the agency charged with enforcing the "SAFE Act", would probably feel pretty compelled to register in order to keep that oversized paycheck coming. And the rate of gun ownership upstate is WAY higher than down in that cesspool called NYC. Basically, almost nobody registered and the handful that did are mostly police officers.

Bad Cyborg said...

That statement had all the substance and gravitas of a unicorn fart.