Monday, June 22, 2015

A great success. We stuck our thumb in Bloomberg's eye and got away with it.

Exhausted but will try to have more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How often and in how many locations does this have to be replicated to make more than a symbolic difference?
I think the governments, states and feds, can easily ignore this unless it IS replicated, and often.

Anonymous said...

Its not just making a symbolic difference. Its making an acual difference. The Expo, in my opinion, wasnt meant to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of government, states, or the feds. Its for the Patriots. One spark is easy to dismiss, concentrate those sparks in one spot, even just for a weekend and they become flames. Flames become fires.

Anonymous said...

Great event Mike! Kit, Marie & Anthony must be proud!

The highlight for me for sure was your improvised munitions demonstration, very educational in many ways, your props were beyond neat! However I enjoyed all of your seminars & speeches, found them enlightening & inspiring.

This event was a huge success, the one thing I kept hearing on Sunday was the statement "I can't wait till next year", me too on that one. I know it will only be getting even bigger & better.

The vendors were great, got me self a pow wow drum, just talking to some of the vendors and what they were doing & how they were living off grid etc. was educational.

The speakers and the music at the main stage was great, and it was really good how the music carried out into the campground, it was a great way to end such a great day. Met some very good people while camping who will become long term friends I bet.

The seminars on Ham radio were invaluable. Sam Culper was interesting also, entertaining & educational, a young man with wisdom way beyond his years, would love to spend more time one on one with that one.

One question; did anyone get a number on how many people were there, with all of the different classes, the vendors, the main-stage, the campers, happening at once and how people were moving in and out it was hard to get a feel on how many attended, I heard up over a thousand or more, that sounded right for how many people it felt like. It was a lot for sure, one thing that sticks with me was seeing all of the families together and those people who obviously have never attended such an event before, I spoke with quite a few of these “newbies” on where our country was headed and they were looking for options for what they needed to do to prepare for the future. I think they all left with a better understanding of what we are all up against and how they should prepare too.

Listening to you speak about liberty with automatic gun fire in the background will always be a fond memory for me.

But I do have one complaint, with everything that was happening at once, you just couldn’t attend all of the events, my oldest came with me on this one and we split duty to try to cover as much as we could and that wasn’t even close to half of it so next year I’m bringing a lot more people so we have a better chance of not missing anything!

Oh and keeping & putting the press in their place (outside the gates) was a statement of its own; in itself!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a thumb stuck in Bloomberg's eye, it was a middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

1) They ARE going to make an annual event of this, aren't they?

2) How many kids were there?

Anonymous said...

Lots of children with their parents & maybe some grand parents everywhere.

For example I remember this one father with his son who might have been around 10 or 11, they both had on panama sun hats and the Dad had a rifle on his back with a sign in it.

The organizers appeared to have quite a few activities set up for the kids, me not having any young ones there didn't participate in any but I remember a lot of laughter coming from their area of the expo grounds.

A very children/family friendly experience!

Comrade X