Sunday, June 28, 2015

'Junk Weapons' are Killing Kurdish Troops

“When I shoot, the top of the rifle flies off,” Mahd Abdul Basit, a 28-year-old Peshmerga fighter told me while we stood a few hundred meters from Islamic State’s front line. Unlike many Kurdish troops, who must purchase their own weapons, Mahd’s rifle — a taped-up Kalashnikov appearing to be made from several different rifles— was issued to him, and could still one day cost him his life.


Anonymous said...

If we tried to collect donated rifles and ammunition with the intent of smuggling them into Iraq and arming the Kurds better, we would go to prison if they, our own government, caught us. It makes me so f**king mad that I am prevented by American leftists from lending aid to these guys who are fighting for their lives. The people currently in power in our government are morally reprehensible. Is there any way around them? If I knew it would go to a Kurd soldier fighting against ISIS, I'd donate one of my M-4s and thousands of rounds of M-855 ammo in a second.

Allen said...

and the kurds know if they come here and try to raise funds or equipment, they'll be treated like Vang Pao...set up, and tried for the "crime" of trying to protect their people without permission.