Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dean Weingarten on "How Open Carry Activists Won in Texas."

It was the open carry of rifles that forced the politicians to act. Not by itself. But the carry was strong, symbolic, political, speech, an act that was the seed that grew into an army of activists. It was common for open carry marchers to be cheered by members of the public who saw them as a force standing for the Constitution. Their reach increased geometrically with YouTube videos and Facebook pages. . . Second amendment supporters and the open carry movement aren’t winning by creating and changing public opinion. That’s a positive, after-the-fact byproduct. They are winning by creating and exercising raw political power. One activist is worth a hundred passive voters.


CzarChasmIII said...

While I agree with every word of that piece, and while I haven't a clue how many authors write for TTAG or if Dean Weingarten wrote any of the articles I am about to refer to, I distinctly recall several pieces slamming CJ Grisham and all the Chipotle and Target long gunners as "asshats," "jackwagons," "attention whores" and a whole host of other pejoratives that not only came from a personal attack perspective, but from a clearly anti-OC perspective too. Now, according to that article, it is exactly those same people whose in-your-face demonstrations got 'r done. And of course, now TTAG is correct, but sans a sincere apology to all the people they slandered over the last couple or three years, this article comes off as proof of their own hypocrisy rather than as kudos for a job well done to the Patriots who are actually responsible for this (very small) victory against tyrants.

Permitted carry of either variety is an abomination to the Constitution, so Texas OC'ers still have a lot of work to do. But regardless of their controversial looks, grooming and dress as they persevered through all the harassment from cops and betrayals by the NRA and other influential gun-related organizations (like TTAG itself), it is the collective they alone who are to be thanked for getting this far.


Anonymous said...

That's one reason, I suppose. Another is public support of the open carriers as stalwarts against the 'Others'. Reaction to becoming a minority in 'your' country.
Reaction is an 'R' word.

Longbow said...

OC activists didn't win in Texas. One must first beg permission from the State! That is the opposite of the exercise of a right!

WarriorClass III said...

We got very little after a long hard fight that began with the arrest of Master Sgt. CJ Grisham on April 13, 2013 and subsequent open carry march on Temple Texas on June 1st, 2013 where Mike Vanderboegh gave his "Losing the Mandate of Heaven" speech. Had it not been for the herculean effort by Master Sgt. Grisham, we wouldn't have gotten this much. We Texans very much appreciate Mr. Vanderboegh's contribution to the cause, travelling all the way from Alabama to help us rally the troops, and those that came from other states such as Arizona, Montana and others.

There was a wonderful amendment to the OC bill that would have prevented cops from stopping an open carrier or asking to see his license, just because the person was open carrying a hand gun. State Senator Joan Huffman opposed this amendment because that amendment defacto "would be constitutional carry." So this Texas State Senator, originally from Louisiana, opposed this amendment admitting that she in fact was against the constitution. If any of you live in Joan Huffman's senate district 17 of Texas, you should remember this come next election.

A greater victory was the campus carry bill that allows our students with licenses the ability to protect themselves on college campuses and classrooms, a right previously denied to Texas college students. The down-side is that this law does not come into effect until August 1st of 2016. The open carry law does not come into effect until January 1st 2016, while normally new laws passed by the Texas legislature become effective September 1st of the year of enactment. Why the delay on these bills? Will all of this be of little consequence by 2016?

All of this is progress, although much slower than what we'd all hoped for. We learned what traitors exist in the Texas legislature and know who to target for defeat next election or next revolution, which ever comes first. Governor Abbot turned out to be a man of his word; since he was new, we weren't sure about him but did intend to hold him to his campaign promises.

We should all take note of Army Master Sgt. Grisham as an example of a true patriot, a man of strength, honor and dedication to the cause of freedom. It's been a long two years since the Open Carry march on the Temple Texas Police Department and court house, and we still have a long way to go, both in Texas and the country. But if we all can become men like CJ Grisham, it is a fight we can win.

Let's win.

Bad Cyborg said...

CzarChasmIII wrote: "Permitted carry of either variety is an abomination to the Constitution, so Texas OC'ers still have a lot of work to do."

Longbow wrote: "OC activists didn't win in Texas. One must first beg permission from the State! That is the opposite of the exercise of a right!"

Both of the above are true. HOWEVER When you're hungry, half a loaf beats the HELL out of a kick in the nuts. A very wise man used to remind me, "Inch by inch, everything's a cinch."

Anonymous said...

So do you need a permit to carry a long gun now in the open in Texas? If so, didn't you lose a right? If you only have to have the permit to carry a pistol, then you *could* view it as a victory....but then, if you already had a could carry a pistol anyway. Seems to me that if you now have to have a permit to carry open or concealed....all the new law did was make everyone get permits.

A permitted right is no right at all.