Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nuking their own legitimacy. A most sincere, albeit grim, "thank you" to the Supreme Court and the two predatory political parties of a tyrannical regime.

Regime, noun
1. a government, especially an authoritarian one.
2. a system or planned way of doing things, especially one imposed from above.
Were I still a godless Marxist, I would be thrilled at the self-inflicted wounds that the regime worked upon itself this week. Collectivists of all stripes see in chaos that there is opportunity. They also know that regime legitimacy is everything and a collapsed regime is necessary before people become desperate enough to entrust their futures to such jackals.
But even as staunch an anti-communist as I am now -- as hard-nosed a supporter of the Founders' Republic and the Constitution as I have become -- I can see that the regime has dealt itself a crippling blow to its own legitimacy. I further note with somber acknowledgement that as bad as this confluence of events is for the country as a whole that it makes our job easier for it confirms everything we have been saying about the regime of both corrupt political parties being destructive of liberty and the rule of law. This will swell our ranks with people who are finally convinced that for the purposes of protecting our liberties, the present system has broken down completely and that the only thing we can count on from this point on is ourselves, alone. And our rifles. I will not celebrate this as a Marxist would but I will give a most sincere, albeit grim, "thank you" to the Supreme Court and the two predatory gangs of a tyrannical regime.
From the corrupt deal-making of the ExIm bank and the "free trade fast-track" authority to the black robed bandits of the Supreme Court upholding both a patently unconstitutional Obama Care and equally offensive "gay marriage" decision, to the hysteria over the Confederate flag, both parties have let their joined-at-the-hip symbiotic conspiracy against the rest of us show for all to see. The Emperor not only has no clothes, he waving his private parts at us and expecting us to worship them.
The Orwellian historical cleansing occasioned by the Charleston shooting is particularly disgusting to watch and I'm no neo-Confederate. See Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General and The book burning begins.
"And now it's all so obvious: This isn't tolerance. This is a new cultural civil war -- a brazen attempt to marginalize, demonize and ultimately eliminate all images, symbolism, art and free expression that does not obediently fall in line with the narrative of the political left."
The participation of both parties in this leads just about anyone who is paying attention to wonder: If John Boehner Was a Democratic Plant, What Would He Be Doing Differently? The answer is nothing.
Listening yesterday to the radio as I traveled, sick as a dog as I was, to a previously scheduled meeting over in Georgia, you could hear the anguish and the anger. Summed up, the comments boiled down to this: "What will we do now that both political parties and the entire system seems linked in a conspiracy against our liberties?" The answer, of course, is resistance -- armed civil disobedience -- on a vast scale. This is the gift the regime handed us this week. They convinced an incredible number of people that previously were complacent and that we could not reach to seek other remedies, even Second Amendment remedies. The regime has, by the events of this week, nuked its own legitimacy. Our jobs will be easier after this. Get busy.


Moe Death said...

Banning the Confederate battle flag has absolutely nothing to do with racism. The Regime doesn't want any reminders around of the time when a large part of the country stood up to it and fought against it.

Welcome to the Turd World!

Bill and Domino

Anonymous said...

Do it! Take a stand against your own country. Justify it. Get arrested. Wait for the popular uprising. Spend the rest of your days tied up in legal proceedings or in jail. Write manifestos for the future generations.

Anonymous said...

Am not sure if you are or are not a neo-Confed, maybe you just align with those of them around you. The pic suggests clearly.

Anonymous said...

The current regime in power has taken a page from ISIS in their desire to want to erase the vestiges of our nations history. As ISIS is destroying the historical images and buildings of past nations and religious ideologies, so too is this regime intent on destroying our nations heritage so that they can fundamentally transform our country. Whether a person agree's with what transpired in our nation, it is what shaped us as a people. To try to erase that from our history is to redefine who we are.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that you already have commenters Mike, whose apatite for other's liberty, property and lives will not be satiated until ALL images or speech referring to the stars and bars is eliminated from all source materials. For the mere mention of the stars and bars without decrying that its hater's narrative of it is the only one that can be spoken of.

Steve Ramsey said...

The ability and practiced guile of the all powerful to simply impose their will via popular re-definition seems limitless, and without check.

The Battle flag of the confederacy (a battle flag, not the flag of a country), one that flew over battlefields and not plantations or capitols) has been redefined 150 years after the fact by nincompoops who never picked up a history book. If they did, and had the intelligence to comprehend it, they would know the war had little to do with slavery, and instead was more about murdering every white southerner possible in order to maintain the massive stream of confiscated wealth via tax and tariff on the people of the south, to fund the massive greed of the mercantilists of the north as they pressed forward with the industrial revolution.

For them, it's nothing more than the opportunity to resume their war of extirpation via the destruction of a culture, the southern culture, much as is the ultimate objective of the homosexual rights movement. A movement that wishes the annihilation of all the disagrees with it.

Everyone and anyone who refuses to bend a knee to them will be subject to charge of bigotry, lawsuit, adverse legislation, and public rebuke. Watch. They are hardly through. In particular, their appetite for the destruction of the church via cultural decay and the co-opting of the legal and political systems is just in the initial stage.

We now have a supreme court that no longer rules on what the constitution intended, nor what the applicable laws direct. They rule on nothing more than personal preference. We have Obamacare, because they want it. We have homosexual marriage, because they want it. And for no other reason. They simply attempt to make an excuse, and find cover in their opinions.

Some in the pro gun rights crowd are trying to make lemonade out of this by asserting that the Imperial Court has painted itself into a precedent corner, practically guaranteeing national CCW reciprocity.

Nonsense. This court cannot fathom the concept of hypocrisy. Roberts aided in creating legislation out of whole-cloth with his Obamacare rulings, yet he tries to make the argument against homosexual marriage on the same grounds.

Mike may well be right that this is all going to make things easier. Those that are bled dry by Obamacare, Southerners, and Christians will have every incentive to look upon the Three percent favorably when the time comes, and many well before that.

In the meantime, the republic is dead ladies and gentlemen. The Imperial court has decided it

Sedition said...

Democracy,3 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
The wolves are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.
Luckily, we are not a democracy and we, the sheep, are very well armed and just about tired of the wolves' shit.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey: ".. the war had little to do with slavery..". Utter Revisionist Bullshit.
Slavery and the machinery to perpetuate it were pervasive in the arguments for the Confederacy, in its Constitution, etc.

Unknown said...

Funny, I thought secession was the cause of the war, not slavery.

Anonymous said...

Slavery would have eventually died of natural causes. The reason? Ignorant slaves forced to not be able to read and write don't exactly invent and manufacture iphones, machine guns, tanks, bombers, the modern assembly line, computers, etc. Also, the few free rich plantation owners spent their time at cocktail parties rather than burning the midnight oil inventing radical new technologies. There have been many evils associated with the industrial revolution, but one thing is absolutely certain. The industrial revolution forever cemented us as the dominate species on this planet, with the ability to exterminate many other animal species without even trying. Indeed, we have to go crazy allocating resources to protect other animal species against the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution doubled our life span and allowed us to even have the time to sit around and bicker at each other on this forum. The industrial revolution enabled only maybe 2% of us to have to farm in order to feed the rest of us as opposed to at least 30% or so having to farm.

What is my point? If the goal was to end slavery, slavery could have ended peacefully the way it had in virtually any other country at the time. How? Well as wealthy as the plantation owners were, all the illieterate and uneducated slaves in the world could not a gold a candle to a modern cotton processing factory. If the north, utilizing advanced technologies, could eventually manufacture cotton shirts at pennies on the dollar using industrialized processes (which don't require feeding a bunch of beaten down humans, dont require slave masters, dont require the purchase of cat of nine tail whips, etc., etc., etc.) then who in their right mind would pay $20 for a slave produced cotton shirt, when a a $5 dollar factory produced shirt can be bought? Seeing my point? Even in 1865, the north dominated the south technologically. Despite their generals being bumbling morons next to the great generals of the south, technology won the day. If the Civil war had been fought in 1915, it probably would have lasted maybe a month after machine guns slice down Picket's charge in 0.0004% of the time. Also, buckshot dont do a whole lot against the WW1 era tanks down in Dixie'. Try teaching slaves who cant read and write how to manufature tanks and machine guns and thems fancy aero-planes... good luck with that.

So, I can ensure you the goal with the Civil War was not to end slavery. The south would have continued to regress as an increasing laughing stock of the nation and the plantation owners would have eventually been forced to abandon slave plantations in favor of modern harvest combines that utilize gasoline unless they wanted to watch their fortunes shrink. Again, the success of Walmart proves that customers like things cheap. Slave labor, despite being "free" (still have to pay for whips and slave masters and food and primitive shelter), can't compete with technologically enhanced labor.

The Civil war was all about fighting sessecion. It had nothing to really do with slavery. Otherwise, why not nip slavery in the bud when it first went into practice at the founding of our nation? Why was there no big warmongering immediately after the founding of our nation by Washington to end slavery through force of arms? Why wait until 1860s nearly 90 years later? If you are going to fight evil and go on a crusade for justice, why wait?

So long story short, while I think there are far superior freedom symbols like the spartan mono lobe logo and the gadsden flag, the confederate battle flag is about states rights over the union's absolute "right" usurped from the constitution. However, in my opinion, the confederate battle flag is too toxic because morons think it is about slavery. There are far better symbols to use.