Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Here they come again.

Manchin, Toomey both interested in reviving gun control push
LATER: But we have this from Charles Cooke -- Don’t Blame the Second Amendment
But, for all their admonitions, it will remain a fact that nobody in a black robe or a powdered wig is instructing the American public to buy record numbers of guns, to apply for millions of concealed-carry permits, to demand the liberalization of their state laws, to take up shooting for the first time, or to tell pollsters that they side with the Second Amendment rather than with the sort of restrictive legislation that we see abroad. For better or for worse, the lion’s share of the pro–Second Amendment energy that has marked the last 25 years has come not from the judge’s gavel but from political shifts at the local and national levels. The quandary that the reformers face can be summed up simply: Were we the sort of culture that would be willing to repeal the Second Amendment, we would be the sort of culture that would not need to do so.


PO'd American said...

“Is that asking too much? Couldn’t we at least do this little thing to stop people who are mentally ill, people who are criminals from purchasing guns?” Reid said on the Senate floor.

Gee Harry, the least you could do is pass legislation preventing anyone in Congress from buying or owning a gun; after all, your collective group are the poster children for the "mentally ill."

Time to drag out all of the Sandy Hook family members again and parade them around DC for another photo op.

Anonymous said...

"You don't need to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate" -- Mark Pryor, movie star and U S Senator.

Uncle Elmo said...

Will these two be meeting on Joe Manchin's yacht again to iron out the details, like they did the last time?

Anonymous said...

I find it curious, Mike V, that you haven't chimed in on Puerto Rico.
The SAF willingly bowed and conceded to the "obvious" power of government to command and wield the permission slip structure, both granting and denying, regarding the Second Amendment. Yet in Puerto Rico, the SAF champions the destruction of that very thing, the permission slip structure.

the SAFs own pleadings, filings, and statements are in conflict with each other, indeed so much so as to constitute being at war with one another. It occurs to me that such a situation would present a target-rich environment for a wordsmith of your astute capabilities....

Rivitman said...

Quick. Call Alan Gottleib. Feh.