Friday, June 19, 2015

Arms expo won’t comply with Washington’s background check law

“The Arms Expo in Yakima is just the latest example of the nationwide campaign of armed civil disobedience in the wake of the unconstitutional state laws passed in the anti-firearm hysteria after Sandy Hook,” Vanderboegh told Thursday. To Vanderboegh, non-compliance is a logical step to help defeat draconian gun laws.


Anonymous said...

Ultimately you will be arrested. Will you go out in a rain of lead or give up your guns and try to turn this to political advantage?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a shout out, Mike V but I gotta say.... The money shot is the pOlice declaring beforehand that there is no intention to pOlice the event! As they admit judicial challenge is afoot, they declare that it isn't them interested in initiating it with arrest!!! That is deeelicious.

The comment above about rain of bullets or arrest misunderstands the point of all this. Arrest is being DARED not FEARED! And it's not because a desire for lead rain exists....the point of these actions is to AVOID lead rain! Gun controller exposed by his own words,again. Still.

Cops FOCUSSED effort on catching the CRIMINAL and they caught him in less than 18 hours. See how that works? When cops weren't out busting innocent people balls over "crimes" that "might" happen, they CAN actually catch the REAL criminals. More ought try that focus - Baltimore could use some of that action right about now....