Monday, June 29, 2015

"This court appears to have no concern whatsoever for either religious beliefs or constitutional coherence."

Just like abortion, this gay marriage decision won't silence critics.
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This is a dangerous game, but it may have worked. Conservatives feel betrayed by Roberts, as perhaps they should. But it’s possible that when we look back on the first 15 years of the 21st century, it will be remembered as the time the Democrats vowed to blow up this country’s democratic institutions unless they got their way. And that’s not “a very good thing.”
And: "We can marry barn yard animals, and throw grandma out on the streets to operate a jack hammer to pay her fair share into the welfare system, where the militant members of society while away their time just hanging out, and burning shit down."
I think it’s time to have a show down while we still have any semblance of a country left. Obama Care rip offs, and degenerate, unnatural definitions of marriage, were not lawfully enacted statutes. They do not serve our country for the common good, so I would advise all veterans to stand by. They did not rescind our oath to protect the people from all enemies -- both foreign and domestic, unless of course, you like living under a totalitarian cesspool.
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Anonymous said...

I fail to see how same-sex marriage hurts me or anyone else. Many people involve their religion far too much in their politics. We have freedom of religion. We don't have the right to use the force of government to force our religion on others. The Supreme Court decision which allows obamacare to continue living bothers me much more than the decision about same-sex marriage!

- Old Greybeard

P.S. I am totally straight.

Anonymous said...

A) The Supreme Court is not supposed to be concerned with any one groups religious beliefs. I think it's also fair to remember not everyone believes as you do, there are several religious groups who welcome the LGBT community and are happy to solemnize their vows. B) No part of the opinion applies to any organized religion. The Constitution is a barrier between government and people that is supposed to completely separate church and state.

Face it, not everyone believes that allowing gay people to file jointly will result in any harm to anyone. History has adjudged you wrong on this point.

Anonymous said...

Old GrayBeard,
"I fail to see how same-sex marriage hurts me or anyone else."
Just ask the baker, the florist, the photographer, the tourist farm, and any number of other businesses, who, because of their religious conscience, chose NOT to participate themselves and their business, in a "gay" ceremony -- and were subsequently sued and run out of business by both the "gay" community AND THE STATE.
So right there, we see coercion and force, BY THE STATE, to participate in Politically Correct GroupThink, in spite of the person's particular beliefs, religious or otherwise.

(Just as a thought exercise, why hasn't this PC GroupThink force been applied to any MUSLIM businesses?)

B Woodman

Anonymous said... miss the point. If not for the 404 errors, I would have posted a lengthy commentary the other day that essentially says, "you're partially correct".

What other adults do in their bedrooms with other consenting adults is no one's business but there own.

Where you miss the mark is that you've mistakenly allowed the government to oversee and LICENSE marriage at all in the first place. Where in the charter does it say they have any such authority? They do not.

What Americans who love freedom should be saying is that the government has NO SAY in marriage and that each couple, be they straight, gay or whatever, should contract freely with one another to determine what happens in the event of a serious illness, a split, death, etc. rather than allowing common law and the government a say in how our wealth and assets are divided.

Anonymous said...

As a followup to my previous post,

Now, tell me again, how same sex marriage doesn't hurt you or anyone else?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

B Woodman

Thank you for your reply to Greybeard. That should be enough education for anyone.

None of this was by happenstance and the implications and social/political impacts are intended by the victors, who are traitors to the constitution and this country. They will continue their treasons unabated until the are stopped.

No one within government will stop them, obviously the courts present no possibility for remedy. What then is our choice?

Anonymous said...

If they just went quietly about their business I would have no problem with LGBT? folks. But they don't. If I saw a hetero couple groping and swapping spit in the supermarket deli line I would complain. Now complaints about gays rubbing their sexuality in straight peoples' faces are going to be hate crimes.