Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Robert Farago's "Random Thoughts About the Possibility of a Second Civil War."

Somewhat behind the curve, but trying to get there.


Steve Ramsey said...

Behind the curve, but welcome. Having read his opinions over the years I was a bit startled that he's come to the same realization as those of us who understand what is happening have known for a long time. Perhaps it's the Codrea effect?

The only question is, will the frog boiling continue, or will there be an outright provocation to speed the course of events along.

I'm not sure. Mass scale secrets are hard to keep as such, and the incompetence of those who would be involved in timing such a decision is apparent.

They either were simply not ready and genuinely surprised at The Bundy ranch, and The Sugar pine mine, or were simply making a demonstration in order to take our measure.

Anonymous said...

Did he just figure this out? Funny, I've seen it coming for 27 years..

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. Although the conflagration or catastrophe that is about to ensue will be both a revolutionary and a civil war. Which is exactly how they planned it.

When it happens, remember your friends in the media because none of this would have happened without their unceasing and EVIL, efforts. They are, with few exceptions, traitors all. Believe nothing they tell you, if that still needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

2nd civil war? The war for independence was a civil war that pit British citizens against the British crown in the British colonies, which is now known as the USA. If we have another civil war it will be the 3rd, not the 2nd.

Not sure what was controversial that you decided to nuke my comment?

Bad Cyborg said...

Here is what I posted in reply to Farago's essay.

“A more fundamental fracture in the body politic lies beneath the surface . . .It’s the gulf between citizens who believe in Big Government and those who favor small government.”

Sorry, but that is NOT correct. The divide is between those in favor of LIMITED government versus those who believe that government HAS NO LIMITS. I can find nothing in the Founders’ extant writings that would indicate that they were at all concerned with the “size” of government. The Constitution certainly imposes no limits upon the size of government. What the Constitution DOES limit is the POWER of government and thus its SCOPE. As Jefferson’s terribly abused and misapplied statement about the 1st Amendment implies, the Constitution was intended to build a wall around the federal government; not to protect the government from any outside influence but to establish the LIMITS of government. The constitution was intended by its framers to delineate exactly how far the government was to be allowed to go AND NO FURTHER! Article 1, Section 8 explicitly enumerates precisely where Congress may legislate. For good measure, Section 9 goes further and explicitly lists areas where Congress is PROHIBITED from legislating. And to wrap things up nicely (or at least so those poor, ignorant, unlearned, deluded sods, the Founders, thought) Amendment 10 explicitly states that any powers not expressly given to the federal government in the body of the constitution were forever to be reserved to the states or to the people. And that SHOULD have been THAT.

Unfortunately, the constitution is merely words on paper – nothing more. Words – on paper or spoken – in any case have no power in and of themselves to alter or affect the actions of human beings. Words can only affect the actions of human beings if and when other human beings elect to apply force to COMPEL compliance with the strictures delineated in those words.