Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Do we need unholy guns in holy places?" Unholy guns? What're those?

State officials bear primary responsibility to protect those who are vulnerable. If they won’t or can’t do their job, it is terribly sad but not inappropriate for houses of worship to pay for the level of security required to keep their children and senior citizens from being murdered. This is preferable to the other solution — arming lightly trained or untrained civilians whose weapons probably risk doing far more harm than good.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should drop gift cards from the local gun shop into the church offering basket...

or ammo.

Just to help and provide a push in the right direction.

ExGeeEye said...

"Jesus said, 'But now, take your wallet, and rations in your ruck, and if you don't have a rifle or at least a good pistol, sell your coat and buy one.'"

Luke 22:36, updated

Anonymous said...

Just like the Pope (additional commentary withheld), I guess since arms makers are on his "evil list" being non christian and all then we who call ourselves christian and try to follow the footsteps of Christ are better served allowing our natural families and extended christian families suffer death at the hands of evil men and do nothing about it.

Ya, How will that work out for ya?

Robert Fowler said...

State officials bear primary responsibility to protect those who are vulnerable.

The SCOTUS has ruled many times (Warren v DC and Gonzales v Castle Rock) that the police have no duty to protect anyone. Their duty is to the public at large. Their main job is to draw the chalk outline and write the reports.

Bad Cyborg said...

Meh, hoplophobes gonna be what they are and ain't nothing gonna change that.

Hey, ExGeeEye, did you catch where that dingleberries-for-brains, Eric, wrote:
"Like most reasonable interpreters, he probably knows that Luke 22:36 has nothing to do with the question of whether Jesus’ followers should use lethal force to protect themselves and others and everything to do with Jesus playing the part of an outlaw to fulfill scripture."

Here's what I responded with:
"Funny, I have a Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and I always figured He meant exactly what He said. I never heard about the Carpenter’s Son “playing the part of an outlaw to fulfill scripture.”

Also, in the original language the 6th Commandment was a prohibition against Murder, not homicide in general."

In response to an earlier dumbass remark by Eric I wrote the following:
"Ah, Eric? Wasn’t it Jesus who told His disciples “if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”? (Hint Luke 22:36) But then wasn’t it the Prince of Peace who declared to His disciples “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

BTW, a sword was very much the same thing in the 1st Century that a handgun is today.

Oh, and I, too, have stood armed guard over a Church. Seems a group was in a little chapel praying over the Host when armed men broke in and robbed them. Shortly thereafter the Parish contracted with a security firm for armed guards 24/7. I am not a Roman Catholic but I consider anyone who would rob a Church to be totally depraved and basically unsalvageable. I would HAPPILY shoot such a one."

prambo said...

What Robert Fowler said.......but, willful ignorance of facts, even REALLY big ones, has never stopped a statist collectivist swine yet.