Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good luck with that, you lisping collectivist.

"The Right to be Free From Guns."


Anonymous said...

I noticed that the author of this article of blather, and the website that posted it allowed NO comments to be posted, because they KNOW that the comments would mostly refute and mock their retarded positions put forward in the article. LMAO

Anonymous said...

50 deadliest cities on Earth:

And what do the vast, overwhelming majority of these cities have in common? Gun control...and illegal drugs. Maybe the answer is more guns and legalized drugs?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Because we all know gun free zones work so well now.

Uncle Elmo said...

E.J. Dionne has a right to be free from your guns. But if he was gay and you were a baker, you would not be free to not bake him a wedding cake.

Funny how that works.

And to prove I'm not a robot, I had to pick two cakes. What are the odds?

Anonymous said...

Some time back I read a piece about a man who sent the school board a map detailing a revised school bus route. Seems he wanted the bus his kids rode on to cut through alleys and parking lots so as not to pass by any churches.

TPTB informed him that the First Amendment guaranteed freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion.

Seems like a similar concept is in play here.

You have the freedom to own a gun or not as you see fit, not to dictate whether your neighbors do or not.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein: Confederate Flag Sales Ban First Step to Tyranny

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: Dem Councilman Screams ‘Shut Up’ at 2nd Amendment Supporter

trailrunner78 said...

There already ARE mandatory background checks, "progressive" liars like this know that, but they try to convince the sheeple that there are not. Walk into a gun store ANYWHERE in the USA and try to buy a gun without one.

"The freedom to live without guns", LOL....They already have that. No one forces them to buy or own one. They want YOU not to have the right to own one.

F**K YOU, you communist bastard. (Not you Mike :biggrin:)

cmblake6 said...

You are perfectly able to be free from guns. Don't want one, don't buy one. And don't piss off someone with one.