Friday, June 26, 2015

Sick as a dog.

This trip is proving to be harder to recover from than usual since I apparently picked up some contagion -- my bet from the throat-on-fire-hard-to-breathe feeling is strep throat. Still I'm committed today to do some things that were scheduled before the trip, so I'm off to do that. I'll give you more posts, including a tee shirt update, later today. I am painfully aware of those of you who have not yet received yours. Also, I will be putting out another appeal for legal defense funds for Anthony Bosworth of Liberty For All in WA state who has been targeted by the Feds. But that will be later this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

“Have you ever tried a silver product when you get sick? I’ve been using colloidal silver for about 2 years and every time I come down with something it knocks it right out of me within 2 days. I’m 58 y.o. so close to same age as you, but thankfully have now long term illnesses; but do come down with the occasional seasonal bug going around at the time, and the silver always works when used as directed. Products containing 30 p.p.m. are stronger than the 20 p.p.m. obviously and that’s what I you can say I have a “silver spoon” stuck up my butt if you like, but the stuff really works..