Monday, June 15, 2015

Dr. Evil's Multiple Mini-Mes at Media Matters climb all over unprincipled Doocy anyway.

Referencing my earlier post: Look out military vehicle collectors, FOX News is coming for your half-track.
Too bad, it didn't buy him any slack from the Multiple Mini-Mes of Dr. Evil at Media Matters Fox News Questions Dallas Attacker's Easy Access To Armored Van, But Not Assault Weapons


PO'd American said...

At least, "mini-me" is shown at the correct height...Just right for, well a photo-op! If you believe that statement, you can't possibly understand the slight. Oblather is nothing more than G. Soros's well used pocket puppy.

Anonymous said...

There's that darn Timothy Johnson again. He seems to turn up at every collectivist crime scene. He definitely looks like the kid who's still pissed off about getting his lunch money stolen and his ass kicked in school on a daily basis...And this entire situation makes me chuckle : it's one set of collectivists arguing with another set of collectivists on which is the better road to collectivism. With any luck the argument will become overheated and they'll strangle each other.