Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bob Owens. Again. Open Carry Allergy. Again.

Airport Open Carry Stunt Leads to Predictable Gun Ban Legislation


Anonymous said...

And thanks to cretins like this it could become illegal for me to pick someone up @ Seatac with Mr. Steyr cuddled up under my shirt @ 3 o'clock.

Anonymous said...

I see no point in allowing open carry or in encouraging it with protests or speeches.
All open carry does is to say "shoot me first" to an attacker. Concealed carry preserves the element of surprise against an attacker. I just don't understand all the hoopla that favors open carry. I just ain't gonna open carry in public even where it is legal.

- Old Greybeard

Phelps said...

It's sad to me how absolutely unwilling these clowns are to admit that OC of rifles in Texas was DIRECTLY responsible for making OC of pistols legal. In their mind, even though it had never been on the table in 20 years, somehow less than 2 years after OC of rifles started happening, OC of pistols was legalized not only completely aside from them, but in fact IN SPITE of them.

There's a word for that -- delusional. Bob Owens, and a lot of other people allegedly on our side, are flat out delusional. They prefer the lies they tell themselves over reality, as long as it means they don't have to admit that they were wrong.

Bad Cyborg said...

Meh, SOSDD from Mr. Owens. I lump him in with Gottlieb and the Lairds of Fairfax. "Butters" all. (You know? As in "I believe in/am all for the 2nd Amendment, but ...")

Here's what I wrote in response to one moke who opined that folks who openly carry are really liberals in disguise trying to start something:

To the left, the right to keep and bear arms is anathema. They have done and will continue to do everything they can to disarm such as we. They need no excuse to try to do so. The swiftness of the left's "response" suggests to me that the Dhimmicrat in question already had the bill ready. I expect that he would have introduced it shortly in any case. IMS, Hank Johnson is the dimwit who was concerned that an increase in the number of people stationed on Guam would cause the island to TIP OVER AND CAPSIZE! The man is clearly a couple of tacos and some tortilla chips short of a combo plate. (Of course that could pretty much be said of all the left. Remember "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it."?)

CB said...

Li'l Bobby Owens
Wayne La Peter out
Dave Jerkman
Alan Gotnuthin
Termites in the foundation

Anonymous said...

Ownes - oops, your Freudian slip is showing...maybe that should read, "Bob Pwned?"

I'm starting to suspect Bob is owned by somebody.

Prayers sent for you, Anthony, and the rest.


Steve Miller said...

His hatred of OC must be added to rust and venereal disease i.e. it never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

Good thing this sniveling sack of crap is on our side.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, because "the principle of the thing" should be preeminent, but only a jerk walks into an airport with an AR-15 and a drum magazine across their chest. This isn't Baghdad. And you know what? That's not done in Baghdad either.

Anonymous said...

Jackass shouted 'fire' in a crowded theater. Did I say Jackass?

Carl Stevenson said...

I wish people would stop publicizing Bob Owens’ “work.”
Owens is a copsucker of the first order.
I stopped following his blog after he celebrated the cops summarially executing Chris Dorner by burning the house down around him a la Waco.
To add insult to that injury, he blocked me (and presumably all other dissenters) from comments after I criticized his praise of the barbecue by posting a comment stating that the police state response was irresponsible, reprehensible, and way over the top (remember how the cops wounded several innocent people, riddling their vehicles with dozens of rounds, despite the fact that neither the people nor the vehicles matched the description of Dorner or his vehicle any more than I and my F150 would match a BOLO for the Incredible Hulk driving the Batmobile.)
Owens also goes overboard in criticizing the open carry movement and any other gun rights activity that offends his Fuddness.
In short, IMNSHO, Owens is a pontificating gasbag unworthy of a following.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Texan. To me, open carry simply means I where all my shirts un-tucked and I don't have to worry anymore about the blowing wind revealing my sidearm or "imprinting". I can't see any advantage to carrying exposed.

PO'd American said...

Bob Owens says "Jim Cooley’s fifteen-minute stunt did nothing to help the gun rights movement, and gave gun control supporters ammunition that they will reuse again and again for years to come to portray gun owners as extreme, paranoid, and out of touch with the American mainstream."

If one were to use your twisted and ignorant logic, only police should be allowed to exercise their first amendment rights in an airport and/or past security check points. It long past time that you and others like you get a bullshit flag thrown every time you make stupid, illogical, and false statements. Correlation to my position: Bundy Ranch, Nevada, where the LEOs tried to restrict protestors "free speech" by assigning a fenced off free speech zone. For your information….My rights are guaranteed in the Constitution and are valid “in these United States”...not just in certain places as determined by you or some other low-life bureaucrat.

You are a shining beacon of Stupidity. As long as comment(s), like the one expressed above is published, we will have this hand-wringing frightened nanny state that pisses their collective pants while trying to further curtail my "rights." So, go Piss-off Bob.
With friends like you, how bad can our enemies be?

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. seems there is dissension in your ranks. Wonder how that affects your efforts to start a civil war.

CB said...

What Carl Stevensen said.....

CB said...

And another thing.
Where I come from there is an old saying, "It's nut cuttin' time boys, and I intend to keep mine."
The only reason Texans were able to get open carry is because they didn't..(spit)..compromise. Damn, that is one nasty word. And the guys that took the heat for pushing the envelope to get open carry should be commended because when the nut cuttin' does come, they will be the ones who don't run backwards, as in, "You may all go to hell, I'm going to Texas"-Davy Crocket
And for all the hand wringing that the Fudds are doing, that just encourages the gun prohibitionists all the more.
Stand up and be counted or go ahead and get on your knees and submit yourself as a slave.

Informed42 said...

Jim Cooley, and dumb asses like him, give intelligent gun owners a bad name.
And unless he's a trained and experienced 'observer' of people, and very proficient with his weapon in a public setting, he'd probably get himself and some others killed if any bad guys did materialize suddenly.

Anonymous said...

Old Greybeard's pearls of wisdom never cease to unimpress.

Pericles said...

Was that mentioned over at

Anonymous said...

Given his recent trends and some not so recent trends of deleting of any comments that disagree with his position, support for Universal Background Checks, blaming a firearm instead of police incompetence for police negligent discharges, rampant apologizing for police malfeasance, and condemning any kind of 2nd Amendment activism or exercising of said right that clashes with his Fuddish beliefs Mr. Owens has almost completed his transformation into a gun control supporter. All he has left to do is admit it to himself.

oughtsix said...

What do you expect?

His initials are... B O!