Saturday, June 20, 2015

'Time to put money under the mattress".

High profile fund managers explain how to prepare for a 'systemic event'


Anonymous said...

I noticed that SAF was first out of the gate championing what happened in Puerto Rico. How quaint.

The SAF, the very organization that WILLINGLY conceded the "permit" power that supposedly belongs to government, just cuz well, government has that authority "obviously", is the first to hail Puerto Rico for tossing the permit process entirely as out of bounds according to the Heller and McDonald combination?

Nothing like watching Gotlies trying to stuff as money dollars under his own "mattress" before a "systemic event".

Curious it is to that this news out of Puerto Rico is creeping rather than going viral.


Block Of Instruction said...

Things are going bad do to politics, so a piece of paper with ink on it that is only backed by a political promise is what you what under your mattress? Talk about insanity! Gold is about the same, No? ask yourself this, you and yours are alone would you rather have gold, or seeds, potable water, and ammo. Me I'll take the later, you do as you wish.

Anonymous said...

The same Nimrods were the ones who thought the world was coming to an end because of Y2K and that we were all going to die from Ebola...