Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dudley Brown, again. All about the money, again.

In Colorado there are multiple power brokers, but there is one faction that embraces the no holds barred knife fighting style of politics that often drives good people out of politics. . . headed up by Dudley Brown, Guy Short and Ted Harvey. Some of these names may be familiar to you from those scam PAC fundraising emails you get from StopHillary. Or maybe you saw one of those names attached to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. . . Regardless of where you’ve heard these names, what you should know is that these groups raise really large sums of cash in and out of the election cycle while never really moving the ball forward on issues or via elections. When you take a look at the different reports for the various groups you will consistently find that the salaries they pay themselves often eat up most of the donor money that has flowed to them.


Anonymous said...

Appears Colorado has their judenrats too.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

CzarChasmIII said...

I'm not familiar with the other names, but if you read the link below to a thread on concerning the dishonest tactics of Dudley Brown in fund-raising, you'll find that Mr. Brown shows up to defend himself, which he fails miserably at. The participants at ARF can be a cantankerous bunch, but in this case, they expose Brown for the liar he is, or was at that time as the case may be (2011). It's a long thread, but very informative. By the first page or two, one will know whose user-name to scan for in order to get the most well-informed commentary.