Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Disposable Life of a 20-Year-Old Confidential Informant

Andrew Sadek was bullied into becoming an informant by an unaccountable drug task force. When he turned up dead, police washed their hands of him.
But according to the Sadeks, Sgt. Steve Helgeson of the NDSCS Campus Police, the lead officer in charge of the investigation, tried to convince them that their son put on the rock-filled backpack, shot himself in the head, and somehow propelled himself into the river.


Anonymous said...

just like the suicide of first responder to the OKC bombing Terrence Yeakey...I'm surprised they didn't say cause of death was lead poisoning...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody SHOULD, probably won't, get started on those soap dishes.

Anonymous said...

And who is RESPONSIBLE for the drug war?
"CONSERVATIVES". You know, the liberals by another name. Conservatives are controllers just like liberals, they just seek to impose government authority differently than liberals. Now, conservatives don't like to admit this fact, and they get nasty as a liberal when called to the carpet on this point.

Newsflash "conservatives".... It's time you wake up to the truth that the liberals you chide are your peers. The both of you seek to use government to impose your will upon Citizens unjustly. You ignore Constitutional limitations on government when it suits you.

Though many, if not most, Americans are conned into voting for liberals and conservatives (democrats and republicans), their own individual politics is actually libertarian in nature. Most people just want to go about their own business, left alone to seek out their own pursuit of happiness.

The drug war is used by democrats AND republicans to grow government and usurp individual liberty a consequence is the bullying and death described in this story - sadly it happens almost daily.

What would law enforcement look like today if we took "drug prohibition" out of the equation? Much like the the picture once we took alcohol prohibition out of the picture!!!!

The fact is simple. Government isn't empowered to "make drugs illegal" in the first place. Just as it wasn't empowered to criminalize alcohol without a constitutional amendment, it would take such an amendment to empower government with drug prohibition powers.
It's absolutely time to restore our Constitution and adhere to its limitations upon government.

THEBigFatPanda said...

Rules to live by if you want to minimize hassles by cops:

1: Don't go to stupid places.

2: Don't have stupid friends.

3: Don't do stupid things. (like sell drugs.)

Does it sound like I blame the kid for the whole situation? No, I don't. But people need to learn when you stick your finger in enough mousetraps, one's gonna snap on your fingers sooner or later.

Bad Cyborg said...

I don't understand the boy's family's misgivings. NDSCS Campus Police Sgt. Helgeson's explanation sounds AT LEAST as plausible as the official version of how Vince Foster died. After all, aren't the police our friends?

Anonymous said...

Bad Cyborg,
I think you forgot the (/sarc) tag at the end of your post.
Otherwise someone might think you were serious. Wouldn't want that, would you?

B Woodman

Bad Cyborg said...

B Woodman,
Oops, sorry. My Bad. Consider the above to have a set of [irony][/irony] tags. You're right. Some folks might actually not understand what I actually meant. Hopefully those with that particular intellectual handicap are in the minority of the Dutchman's readership.

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