Monday, June 15, 2015

Look out military vehicle collectors, FOX News is coming for your half-track.

I found myself screaming at the television screen this morning while watching a segment focusing on the availability of military vehicles to the civilian market. They featured (and POV criticized) the offering of an M75 APC on eBay. Statements were made by the "reporter" (whose name I didn't catch and I cannot find the segment posted on FOX's website yet) and agreed to with approval and tongue-clucking by talking head Steve Doocy that "civilians have no need to own military vehicles." I get a real allergic reaction to statements that begin, "civilians have no need to own . . ." (Insert collectivist appetite of the day, semi-automatic rifles, "assault magazines," 3-D printers, etc.) I would be interested to have a statement from the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) about their position on this outrageous segment, and have emailed them for their reaction.
LATER: For those of you who Facebook, you might want to let Doocy understand the depth of his stupidity:
Still Later: Here's the link -- Shocking items available on eBay


iwitness02 said...

Just thought I would second that. I hate the arrogance of people who make these kinds of statements. Civilians shouldn't own...... I have heard enough of this kind of BS to last me two lifetimes. I will decide. The resentment runs deep against those who would run our lives for us. Push will no doubt come to shove. Resentment will unleash its full fury in due time. That will probably rank as the eighth wonder of the world. Freedom or bust.

Arkindole said...

No surprise here. Remember all talking heads, except maybe one, at fox could be quoted as "first amendment ***BUT***.." in regards to PG. That "need" business is indeed a code word that can't be encrypted.

Anonymous said...

Fox news will only be getting more liberal with the new liberal CEO son taking over.

J. Sewell said...

This may be it.

Harry_the_Horrible said...

Friend of mine lived in Greenville, SC down the street from a collector who had a M-3 halftrack.
During the infrequent snowstorms that hit Greenville (us Southrons can't drive worth a darn in the snow...) it was his greatest joy to fire up his M-3 and pull cars out of the snow.

PO'd American said...

Do you really think Steve Doocy would know how stupid he is if you told him?...He is on Farcebook after all!!!

Anonymous said...


They've been trying to become the new CNN and MSNBC for a long time now, and I have no doubt they will get there.

Stopped watching them a year ago. Fox and friends, before that. They are going further and further left every year. I've watched it happen with my own eyes. There's nothing to see their anymore.

UNLESS you want to see their propaganda regarding the people they would like to see nominated for president.

No conservatives or Libertarians among them, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

I was taken in at first, like so many others. Fair and balanced is just FIXED NEWS. Now, by that I don't mean the same thing that leftist progressive gungrabbing Democrats mean when they say it....I just mean that Fox has a fixed position and all reportage comes from that position. now please excuse me while I go take a Doocy.

Beware the false premise presented when anyone starts off with "need", as they expose themselves as MEMBERS of the Controlling Class. Patriots don't care about what other people WANT so long as they do not attempt to TAKE it away from another. Controllers claim "need" as a way to attempt to justify taking things away from others.

You don't NEED autoloaders.
You don't NEED all that money.
Californians don't NEED all that water (smelt NEED it more).
You don't NEED to carry a firearm, that's what cops are for...
You don't NEED that word, you are ALLOWED these words.
The pattern is ALWAYS the same.

Need sayers are just masked controllers who think they are smarter than everyone else. They FEEL the NEED to control others because they FEEL like they know best.

Liberty is about want. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Want.
Tyranny is the power to decide what another "NEEDS" alongside the authority to exact that imposition.

Anonymous said...

I thought about you when I was watching that segment. I knew if you saw it you would be hollering. I was too.

Ed said...

As soon as I hear "you do no need that", then I just might want it more. I do not live by Karl Marx' "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". I definitely do not allow FOX News to determine what I do or do not need.

Anonymous said...

This is such a bunch of crap. I can buy a Russian tank if I want and the ATF will provide the import license.

Anonymous said...

I own an OT-810. The forward armor will defeat 20mm direct fire. It also takes 12 man hours of maintenance for every hour of operation. Trips over 30 miles require a full down day of maintenance afterwards with 3-4 men working. Over 50 miles of movement requires a trailer. Confabulating private ownership of this this to some sort of public threat is like saying private ownership of a 1972 Formula One car is a menace because the car can go 180 miles an hour on an interstate highway. Just stupid.

Anonymous said...

As others have already noted, the 'need' argument is lame at best. I suspect that very few of us 'need' hardly ANY of the items that we currently have. See Maslow's hierarchy of needs............if the 'controllers' ever truly get their way, very few of us will have anything beyond basic food and shelter. Meanwhile those same controllers will have all they want.
BTW, 150K and up does NOT make anything 'readily available' to most of us mere mortals. Anyone know how the guy paid for that ex-DPD van (and how much)?