Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Reset Button.

Rod Dreher writes "Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country."
No, the sky is not falling — not yet, anyway — but with the Supreme Court ruling constitutionalizing same-sex marriage, the ground under our feet has shifted tectonically. It is hard to overstate the significance of the Obergefell decision — and the seriousness of the challenges it presents to orthodox Christians and other social conservatives. Voting Republican and other failed culture war strategies are not going to save us now. . .
But when a Supreme Court majority is willing to invent rights out of nothing, it is impossible to have faith that the First Amendment will offer any but the barest protection to religious dissenters from gay rights orthodoxy. Indeed, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito explicitly warned religious traditionalists that this decision leaves them vulnerable. Alito warns that Obergefell “will be used to vilify Americans who are unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy,” and will be used to oppress the faithful “by those who are determined to stamp out every vestige of dissent.”
The warning to conservatives from the four dissenters could hardly be clearer or stronger. So where does that leave us? For one, we have to accept that we really are living in a culturally post-Christian nation. The fundamental norms Christians have long been able to depend on no longer exist. To be frank, the court majority may impose on the rest of the nation a view widely shared by elites, but it is also a view shared by a majority of Americans. There will be no widespread popular resistance to Obergefell. This is the new normal.
For another, LGBT activists and their fellow travelers really will be coming after social conservatives. The Supreme Court has now, in constitutional doctrine, said that homosexuality is equivalent to race. The next goal of activists will be a long-term campaign to remove tax-exempt status from dissenting religious institutions. The more immediate goal will be the shunning and persecution of dissenters within civil society. . .
Obergefell is a sign of the times, for those with eyes to see. This isn’t the view of wild-eyed prophets wearing animal skins and shouting in the desert. It is the view of four Supreme Court justices, in effect declaring from the bench the decline and fall of the traditional American social, political, and legal order.
Dreher's solution is to accept it and pray. I'm certainly not going to gainsay the value of prayer, but the persecution of Christians (or Jews or any other religion for that matter) in the name of political correctness can and must be resisted, even if by force of arms. These people are going to be coming at us with the naked force of state violence. Such violence can and must be resisted, and not just with prayer. (I was talking with a friend on the phone just today and he can't believe that they are so stupid as to mess with people's fundamental religious beliefs, characterizing it as suicidal. I don't disagree.)
And I have news for our would-be oppressors. When you come at us with state violence to seize our churches, jail our pastors, you are going to lose because we will make it not worth your while to oppress us. And then, after we've won, we're going to press the reset button.
I was having this conversation with a reader the other day in reference to the firearm laws we are breaking in the various states and he asked me what we were going to do about previous infringements, going back to GCA 68 and the NFA of 1934. I told him, when they start the shooting we don't quit until we have pushed the reset button on the last 100 plus years of infringements. They lose it all -- the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, the income tax, all the gun laws, all the nanny state fascism, the murder of innocents on demand, the tortured rendering of the Interstate Commerce clause, the bloated federal bureaucracy, everything. EVERYTHING.
Our enemies will lie and say that we want to roll back the civil rights laws, put gays back in the closet and re-enslave black folks but that is a lie. We believe that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion -- BUT WITHOUT PREFERRED CLASSES. In our Constitutional Republic, some animals are NOT more equal than others. At this remove, nobody cares who diddles who as long as they are adults and can give consent. Most of us have become convinced libertarians on the drug war as well, because it only empowers two classes of criminal gangs -- the cartels and the imperial militarized federal government.
So when the reset button gets pushed in the aftermath of the tyrants' attacks and their defeat, they lose it all. Everything. Every tool of our oppression. This is something they should think about before they rouse their own people to righteous anger. They will lose everything they hold most dear -- their power over us, their position, their appetite for our liberty, our property and our lives. That is what "reset" means to them in the context of the civil war they are determined to have. Everything.


Anonymous said...

Obergefall may open a path to concealed carry reciprocity in all 50 states and DC for permit holders? Better legal minds than mine seem to think that a US Constitution guaranteed right will now be forced upon all states and cities? So could this boomerang on the Bloombergs and allow me to carry in NYC? Could get interesting?

Steve Ramsey said...

One could take the writer's thesis to it's logical extension, and we could live like European Jews living in Ghetto Enclaves, keeping to ourselves until the day the slaughter comes.

I will not.

In fact, I look forward to showing them how a genuinely oppressed minority responds to said oppression. It won't include a lot of whining, media propaganda, political and demands for government largesse either.

But I guarantee it will be something of an unpleasant shock to them.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

OK, look. You and I aren't going to agree on Gay Marriage. That said, I was deeply disturbed that, almost the instant that the decision was announced, multiple pillocks of the Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressive establishment mooted the idea of pulling tax exempt status of churches that continue to openly disagree with Gay Marriage. In know these morons live in almost complete echo chambers, but you would think that the simple fact they had to get this decision from the SCOTUS would tell them they were on thin ice. Do they WANT to live to see Homosexuality outlawed again? Because attacking churches is a hell of a good way to do just that.

The LIRPs have a childlike faith that if it comes to a real fight, they will win. I don't think they have any conception of how ugly life is likely to get if they don't wise up.

Anonymous said...

Well, there IS Texas. The lefties tried to turn Texas blue in the last cycle. Texas became deeper red. That's a good sign fellows. Texas has damn near a million CHLs. Next January, the liberals will go nuts with so many open carriers. Probably will make many more of them pack up and leave our state. They'll be walkin' around with hives because every where they look, they'll see another gun toting Texas patriot.

Texas can get along just fine without the feds. We have oil, lumber, natural gas, agriculture. We really don't need the united States. So if all you Christians need a place to move to and start over, come on down. Bring your gold, your silver and your guns.

Texas is a whole other country!

Anonymous said...

Re-setting is gonna be so much fun!

rexxhead said...

"We believe that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion -- BUT WITHOUT PREFERRED CLASSES."

Yet in the world of Christian traditionalists, there still remain preferred classes. Married couples get a tax break on their 1040s, to name just one instance. They would deny that preference to non-traditional couples -- n consenting adults. They would use the coercive power of the state to prevent certain unpreferred unions even forming. They want government power to do the things they think everyone ought to do (or to prevent...). In this sense they are no better than those who support Roe v Wade or the TPP.

As a heterosexual married Christian I have no concerns that two men or two women (or three or four) marrying will in any way harm my own relationship. I sincerely pity those whose personal lives are so fragile that their marriages are endangered by all this.

Anonymous said...

Is Civil War really the answer to the liberty for the two neighbors on our block to be married as we are. You must remember that this is not about a war on Christianity. It is about a rapid change in citizen feelings about their neighbors and co-workers, who, it turns out, are not the ugly Americans some would have us believe.

Sure there are other concerns about the Supreme Court decisions, but the angst about this particular decision is overwrought. This issue failed in court after court, because there were no good legal arguments, except 'this is the way it's always been: maintain the prejudice against gays'.

Anonymous said...

"You must remember that this is not about a war on Christianity. It is about a rapid change in citizen feelings about their neighbors and co-workers, who, it turns out, are not the ugly Americans some would have us believe."

I beg to differ. This is a war on Christianity. This is a war to "...fundamentally transform, the United States of America." This is the culmination of "The Long March through the institutions". There has been nothing rapid about it, this war strategy against God, Mankind's freedom and the United States began a long time ago:

The war against mankind has been waged even longer:
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12

You need to understand who you are fighting and who you will stand with. Chose wisely.

rexxhead said...

By way of reply to Steve Ramsey, I would say:

Religious people consider marriage a religious matter. Atheists do not, obviously. The architecture of our system is essentially irreligious. "Marriage" thus should not be defined by government -- which may not show preference for religious people as opposed to others. By positing that "marriage was defined by God", you have essentially divorced (sorry) it from the realm of government. No more "married filing jointly" for you, bud -- or for anyone else, either.

Anonymous said...

You fail to understand the reasons behind the married tax deduction. The purpose of marriage is to create children. Children are expensive to raise. Children are required to continue mankind. Children with a father and mother are more likely to become responsible citizens. For these days and many other reasons marriage between a man and women are desired as I want to see civilization continue. I find it Impossible for a Christian to accept the gay (there is a good word corrupted) lifestyle as normal or equal to the heterosexual lifestyle. If the gays want to live life in rebellion to god so be it.

Unknown said...

While conservative Christians object to homosexuality, I would suggest that most have a "live and let live" attitude regarding people who practice it. Not that many people get really worked up about those old ladies who have lived across the street for 20 years, or get too intrusive on those male "roommates" who keep their garden so nice.

The historical fact is that in less than a generation, homosexuals have gone from being genuinely oppressed, genuinely mistreated, to being the Marxists and social nihilists flavor of the month wrecking ball against western civilization.

For the last ten thousand years, through hundreds of cultures, marriage has been a heterosexual institution, primarily directed at rearing and protecting children. The Greeks I indulged homosexual behavior, but even they never elevated the practice to a legal institution like marriage.

The lawfare against caterers, and photographers is just the first shots in a war which the social destroyers have meant to do for DECADES. They mean to destroy marriage, they mean to destroy Christianity, the churches, the whole moral framework of western civilization.

When the Supreme Court took it upon itself to force abortion on our society, it created OVERNIGHT a pro-life backlash which has continued and gained strength over forty years.

When serious Christians see the level of legal warfare the left is about to bring against their churches, and their ministers and priests, open hot warfare seems inevitable.

When the smoke clears, and the blood is mopped up, the 3% of our population will be left to the wrath of NORMAL people, the leftist scum who egg them on today, will have moved on to the next useful identity group, if any of THEM survive.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

My problem with "gay" "marriage" is this:

"Marriage" already *has* a couple-thousand-years-old (and PERFECTLY well-understood) definition. There are legal and social and inter-generational ramifications to the concept of "marriage" that have been in place for eons; the "family unit" is recognized as the foundation for all the rest of ANY culture's social structure. You change the foundation, you change the society; we just don't know all the ways such a change can manifest. Not all changes are good; they may wind up being "undesirable", if not "destructive" of the social order.

Homosexuals exist and certainly they have "human rights". As far as I'm concerned, gays can couple-up in whatever way they want; we can create some special legal terminology that addresses all the proferred complaints about inheritance and hospital visits and next-of-kin. Fine with me. BUT. Do not call it "marriage".

DO *NOT* start re-defining words. You'll find to your regret that as soon as ONE understanding of "marriage" is substituted for some completely-dissonant meaning, OTHER "well-understood" terms will also, somehow, get "modernized" as well. Like, "due process". "Adequate representation". "Ex post facto" laws. The word "citizen", or the word "tax", or the word "exempt". Every single "right" that the Constitution guarantees and protects can be inverted into something double-plus-ungood when the Language Mafia is allowed to re-define the terms we have taken for granted since 1776 or so.

You WILL NOT LIKE what ensues.

(And I'm pretty-damn-sure it's too late to stop the tide already. Oopsie.)

Well, it WAS so important after all --wasn't it?-- to "recognize the God-Given right" (you will recall that Nature's God *is* the source of all our rights, yes?) of some small fraction of the 2.5%-to-3% of the population who claim to be homosexual, who were DETERMINED to "marry" their current same-sex partner ... right? And to hold that valued institution of gay marriage up as a shining ideal for our kids to emulate, right? Sure it was. Will you say the same thing in 50 years? Sure you will.

If you know what's good for you...

Texas Rifleman said...

A-freakin-men! Give them nothing! But take from them everything! You sir are a breath of fresh air in this dark and depressing world. I would be honored to stand with you!

Anonymous said...

I am just always amazed at how SCOTUS "finds" rights in The Constitution, but have such a hard time with the rights that are clearly defined.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"

It seems pretty clear to me, but then, "I ain't edumacated"

I do see a silver lining to the gay marriage (and I WILL ALWAYS CALL IT THAT, BECAUSE IT IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE MARRIAGE!) ruling for us. At some point they will have to understand that the equal protection they desire for gay marriage will have to apply to carry permit reciprocity. After all, if state laws don't matter with marriage (and coming soon to a state near you, national voter laws), then the same will have to apply to carry permits. This is my official prediction 6-28-15


ashv said...

Mike, you're very right to call it a reset -- it all has to go, root and branch. My primary concern is that 100 years is not nearly far enough to go back. 150 is barely enough -- better still would be 250.

Anonymous said...


I've been WAILING THE LIVING SHIT out of that fucking button, and NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!!!!


Anonymous said...

A reset button.....Now I KNOW Im stuck in the Matrix..It ain't connected to anything or anyone with a pulse apparently/ Ive been wailing the fucking shit out of it, and NOTHING IS HAPPENING, not even an accidental wetting of the pants by anyone...

There is no such thing as a reset button, you could find enought spine or collective courage in America these days to create a ripple on a calm pond..Keyboard warriors is about the best you can do, and in Matrixland thats nothing more than electrons being pushed around...

Ive become resigned to living my last days in world where nothing is what it seems and a whole lot of principles seem to tbe nothing more than oft spoken jingoism because Im not seeing any of the alleged righteous anger people spew from their keyboards....Just smiles and glee from people happy in their shackles and chains, content to be internet heros, courtesy of the collective assholes running things. Every day I wake up in a country I dont recognize anymore, and certainly not the country or people of my fathers country. What a sad waste.

Sign me Neal Jensen

THEBigFatPanda said...

I agree with Neal Jensen to a degree.

This is a SPIRITUAL battle, not a physical one. We need to recognize everything being done is the result of one man and one woman's decision at the dawn of creation where they disobeyed their Creator's clear directive despite being told what the consequences were.

We will NOT win this fight in any sense of the word until we as a nation
R-E-P-E-N-T. Look up the biblical meaning; turn away from your sins. Accept God's free salvation. "Seek FIRST the kingdom of God, then all these things will be added to you."

I believe this decision by scotus IS the final nail in America's coffin. I had hoped I was wrong. But if you think God is going to ignore this and go back to reading His magazine, you are WRONG. We are now facing His judgment and wrath and it is only going to get worse from here on out. I agree with those voices on the net saying WWIII is coming and I agree we are looking at September time frame for the s*** to REALLY hit the fan.

We're done as a country, folks. Fix your relationship with God Almighty before you do anything else or pack your asbestos suit. Not that it will do you much good.

Six said...

You were right and I was wrong Mike. May God forgive me my willful blindness. My eyes are now wide open.

RichJ said...

The post by THEBigFatPanda really gets at the issue for all of us here. While there is no question that the Bible considers homosexual acts a sin, it is certainly not the most common. That would be the one to which TheBigFatPanda alludes ... when Eve is seduced by Satan's rhetoric... Gen3:5:

"For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”

That is the original and by far the most common sin that man and woman commit... Generally mankind, including all of us posting here, all to often put ourselves above God. Said another way, I agree with Dutchman that there will be a reset; I just question who will be pushing the button.

If you think about your own life for a moment like this worn out old man has, you begin to recognize that you have a hard enough time just managing your own affairs, much less managing your family, your community club, a city, a county, a nation, or a world. The communists think that this is of course all possible. Their hubris... their haughtiness... it would be laughable if it were not so sad.

Unfortunately, it's just not the commies; this admonishment applies to each of us as well. Certainly there will be violence and as is discussed here and at the WRSA... a 4GW warfare like we have never experienced before. If you read the Bible, that is just the warm up. Take a look at Matthew 24:6, when Jesus tries to answer his startling statement a few verses earlier (Matthew 24:2):

" You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place, but the end is not yet."

We must be humble about this matter. There is no room for pretending that any of has any control over about what is to unfold. As THEBigFatPanda says, "it's only going to get worse from here."

Are you depressed yet? Don't be. As Jesus tells us, "See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place". The overall game plan is described in Revelation, Chapter 17 and 18. Some of these things are happening now... did everyone see the zero hedge piece, ? Ladies and Gentlemen, it's an inside job.

The path through the narrow gate is achievable. Be a sheep; pay attention. There is no better way to do this than by reading the Bible. There is still time to repent. Do it.

Anonymous said...

I also don't get how people keep talking about "WHEN the Shit hits the fan"....

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Really? It already HAS hit the fan but the stink is so pervading you keep looking for a tsunami of shit, but you are already doggie paddling in it and choking on it.....What in the current day America is not so completely BACKWARDS and screwed up and WRONG that you cannot see this right in front of you? hyper minorites completely control the narratives and criminalized the REST OF US because we dont conform to their new agenda...What part of Obamas progressive agenda from his throne at the former White House, do YOU NOT violate daily?

Please SOMEBODY just fucking BLINK and show me you ware even alive!!! The COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IS SMOTHERING!!

nevermind, just go back to your recliners and swill somemore cheap beer and eat cheetos....You are so disconnected from reality anyway.. The whole freaking culture is corrupted and every level of government is run away in criminality and taxes and fees, and nobody is even blinking? Im not speaking in hyperbole or and hyped up bullshit manner, but you people have NORMALIZED a culture of lawlessness and corruption, and there is NOTHING NORMAL about how things are. Maybe Im just too resistant to change, but I never thought I would live in a time of such UNREALITY as the bizarre state of things I see today.