Monday, June 22, 2015

Elites agree: Firearms in the hands of the common folks are bad things.

Anthony Martin comments: Enemies of liberty tip their hand
Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment
Compelling reason to reconsider gun laws


Anonymous said...

Soooo, Il Papa doesn't consider those who make weapons to be Christians, eh?
Granted, I'm no Biblical scholar (I had to look this up, but at least I knew enough to look it up), but even Christ Himself told his disciples to have swords as they started out on their missionary journeys (Luke 22:35-38, especially 36). (Look in a Biblical Topical Index, there are many scriptures and verses referencing "swords".)

If the disciples were to have swords, where were they to come from? G-d Himself could have performed a miracle, and created the swords from thin (thick?) air. But He doesn't always work that way, often He uses human agents in ordinary circumstances. SO there had to have been miners, sword makers, and sword sellers and a whole host of interlocking support for these industries.

WHich brings up the subject of free market capitalism. How were those in the sword market (makers, sellers, and all the primary and secondary support industries) going to support themselves? You think they were going to do it all for free? Or be supported on government subsidies, handouts and welfare? Not even the mighty Roman Empire at its height was that wealthy.

But how can you expect a person who has been supported by the donations of parishioners his entire life to understand free market capitalism? WHo has been coddled and swaddled his entire "working" career, to understand the toil, sweat, and ache from doing a good, hard day's work. You may talk and explain, he may nod his head "yes", but deep inside, it would be like trying to make a pig understand calculus (heck, I barely understand calculus).

So, Il Papa, on this, as on so many other subjects that you are barely conversant on, much less fully understand (weather vs global warming, errr, "climate change"), please stick to your subject of expertise.

B Woodman
(not a Catholic)

Uncle Elmo said...

I guess I'm lucky. When I make a complete ass of myself, there are usually only 2 or 3 people around to see it. When Turd Blossom Rove does it, millions are watching and listening.

Anonymous said...

I am a Catholic and I cannot figure where they got this clown.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many U.S. citizens believe that there is a God-Given right to be armed, beyond a constitutional right. I suspect even fewer believe that God has instructed them to be armed.
But maybe he speaks louder to some than others on this matter.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
"So," along with the sex business, the Pope is getting into the "Gun" business?? 'Stands to reason, he's never been with a woman or even seen one up close and personal with her clothes off and he "dictates" how all us peons "Have Sex????" "NOW"...he's, I'd venture to say, never even "shot" any kind of fire arm or even held one in his grubby fist and he's proclaiming Gun Makers (may as well throw in the rest of us "Gun Nuts" because you know that's coming!) "can't call themselves Christian??" Next thing he'll do is excommunicate anyone who has a "Gun!!!!"
Thank God for "Alcohol!!!" I can sure use a good "Cold Beer" about now....It's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere!!!!!
Got GUNZ......OUTLAW???!!!,

Danby said...

Keep in mind, when Christ told his disciples to buy a sword, it was literally illegal for most of them to do so. The occupied Roman territories had very strict weapon control laws. Had they been discovered with swords, the punishment for most of the Apostles would have been peremptory execution.


Anonymous said...

So a mortal 'so-called' christian disagrees with the God given right of self defense. Well, we know what that's worth. The catholic church has been infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

Elite republicans have lost their g****m minds!

Anonymous said...

It's becoming more clear each day that there is a political, social and global movement in this country to disarm the American people. It is not about safety, gun control or for lawful reasons. The 2nd Amendment cannot be repealed, it is the 2nd of ten rights we the people own that govt is restricted by and the only one that specifically identifies our right to enforce those restrictions lawfully and Constitutionally against any enemy either within or outside of this nation regardless of who they may be. That is why they want us disarmed and the only reason. They fear our might and power over them and would make us all slaves, if allowed, to remove that threat to their treason.

Don't fear those who fear your power..

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

B Woodsman, Saint Athanasius said in 325 A.D. that the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. Saint Nicolas,the real santa claus, at the same time said, more bishops go to hell then to Heaven. If by 325 A.D. the men running the church had already F'ed up to the point that saints are calling them on it, it's a good guess that thing haven't gotten better. This pope is like the mid evil pope who tried to ban cross bows. The Gospels say they are the only message there will be no more messages or hidden revelations. No one has to obey anything the popes says. It's all just their opinion. Most Catholics know this and just ignore them. You only have to obey the Word of GOD! I'm a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

'You only have to obey the Word of GOD!'...
Enough, already. I respect but don't share your beliefs.
The next part of your logic is that someone has to tell you what GOD is saying. (And if you say he talks to you, then I say that's another argument for the 2nd Amendment).
I will not be a slave to anyone, especially not someone mouthing interpretations of interpretations of ancient writings (or of voices in their head). With all due respect, not to any Pope and not to anyone here.
We are free because we insist on freedom, and keep fighting for it, verbally and otherwise.
Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Shall Not Be Infringed at any cost.

Joe said...

Take a good look at the Pope's world-class armory.

It's NOT all pikes and swords.

Anonymous said...

So the pope wants a faith war, OK.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness (although I doubt he would give us the same consideration) to k-rove, he did not actually call for eliminating the 2nd. What he said was that the only way to get rid of guns was to eliminate it and that there is currently no one (well except for barry and his merry band) who has the intestinal fortitude to even try. He may very well be a closet hoplophobe (we all know he is an elitist) but he has enough hoof in mouth disease without any of us hoisting him improperly.*

* Not my opinion, numerous articles/reports verify this...............

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I guess il Papa forgot that their business is invested in this business:

"Perhaps few people know that Pietro Beretta arms factory Ltd. (the largest arms industry in the world) and is controlled by the Holding SpA Beretta and the majority shareholder of the Beretta Holding SpA after Gussalli Ugo Beretta, is the IOR(Institute for Works of Religion [commonly known as the Vatican Bank]) private institution founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII and headquartered in Vatican City."