Monday, July 29, 2013

Reese family agony continues. Judge denies Reese family dismissal and access to seized assets for defense.

Judge Brack essentially sentenced the family to a de facto Blanche Dubois defense, one in which they must depend on the kindness of strangers.


Paul X said...

There is a cost to this kind of behavior. If people get the idea the "justice" system is really about something other than justice (repression and slavery for example), eventually they will get to the point they no longer allow themselves to be arrested for anything. If you know the end is going to be your ruination in any case, you might as well get your rifle and start shooting. An arrest attempt becomes an act of war.

Anonymous said...

Redlining the Incredulous Meter notwithstanding, this Judge is living proof that even excrement can be appointed to a District Judges bench, as well as US Attorneys General. As the US justice system sinks to the bottom of the DOJ cesspool, I can only pray these chromosomally aberrant pond scum reap the consequences of their actions at the hands of 3 million outraged gunowners when the SHTF. The only "justice" good enough for them is burning them alive.