Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"This guy would Waco his own grandmother if ordered to do so." Grassley caves on B. Toad Jones.

Grassley says he's unlikely to block Jones nomination for ATF This guy will do for ATF what Eric Holder has done for Main Justice -- politicize it even more and use it as a weapon against regime opponents. He may not be an experienced anti-firearm zealot like Andrew Traver, but he is worse -- a slavish yes-man bureaucrat who curries favor with superiors but who doesn't hesitate to wreak revenge on inferiors in the bureaucracy who challenge him. No one is going to "speak truth to power" with this nasty. Said one of my sources months ago, "This guy would Waco his own grandmother if ordered to do so."



We are seeing many of the older Republicans shift their values in support of the Progressives AKA Communists. John McCain should wear a badge of shame for his work to ban our firearms and open the door to Illegals, Paul Ryan, a younger Rebub. is now playing foostie withe the Gang of 8, a Communist inspired group of traitors. Grassley should be kicked out next cycle, as he is advancing the forces that will attempt to alter the Second Amendment. The apathy and stupidity of the American people are leading the way to their own enslavement. Its time a group more powerful than the Tea Party rise to defeat these RINO's.

Anonymous said...

I guess being black and a sociopath is the only qualifications needed in the Obama regime.

They've already let Monsanto steal countless family farms, sort of like they did the white settlers in Zimbabwe. Actually Bush 2 can take credit for that as well.

Now all we need is a currency devalued to nothing more than toilet paper like the Zimbabwe Trillion note. And I hear they're working hard on that too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just remember: No more free Wacos....and it sounds like this guy will be in charge of the next one.

Hope everyone is prepared...this may go hot a lot sooner than we expect.