Sunday, July 28, 2013

File under stupid cop tricks.

"Police Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business" -- right in front of a surveillance camera.


kenlowder said...

Time to just plain run some cops out of town. Tar and feathers should be added too, just to make a point.

SWIFT said...

Every department, be it federal, state or local, has a percentage of shit bag criminals on the payroll. Many innocent people have been sent to prison because immoral scum planted drugs, machine gun parts, whole weapons, or other illegal/contraband items at the scene. The bad ones have created an environment, that any reasonable person should not trust any of them. It is not just big cities that have a monopoly on dirty cops. Some rural areas are just as corrupt. As this video shows, a camera is a citizens best friend. Record everything the bastards do.

Paul X said...

I used to believe the "few bad apples" line, but now I think the whole concept of police to be a mistake. See this article by Roger Root:

Anonymous said...

Despicable actions by the police/prosecutor and the "informant".

However, where is the PROOF that this was racially motivated as asserted by the woman in the video?

None is's pure race baiting and conjecture (unless there's more of a back story).

Any officer or police administrator, the informant and the prosecutor should ALL do hard time for framing this guy...once they've been tried and adjudicated guilty.

The police shouldn't be involved in the failed 'drug war' anyway....we either own our bodies and determine what we can put in them, or the government does.