Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here comes B. Toad Jones.

ATF Nominee Set for Senate Confirmation, Aides Say.


SWIFT said...

If B. Tod Jones is confirmed, a nationwide, grassroots backlash should be initiated against all Republican Senators. None of them have any steel in their spine. It makes me sick to my stomach the way they've jumped on the Obama plantation. We might as well have a Senate with one hundred sitting Democrats, for all the more representation we currently get from Republicans. Every time they have a chance to do something right; they run up the white flag. We deserve B. Tod Jones, Holder, Sebelius, Mueller and all the other rat bastards in this Police State administration.

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz should put a hold on that nomination and stick to it saying that the ATF has a LONG history of "mistakes" and "botched" programs that all stem from gun control minded heads of that agency. The Republicans should stand behind the hold calling for CHANGE in HOPES that appointing a true PRO SECOND AMENDMENT director will address the long line of chicanery in that department.

Use Obamas hope and change against him in a public opposition to SSDD.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03
Nice dreams. What'cha smoking?

Nothing against you, but we have a whole elder senile generation of good-ol'-boys country-club RINOs in office with no spine or principles.

Ted Cruz is my kind of conservative - so far. (See Marco Rubio as a bad example of a faux conservative who has turned to The Dark Side.) But even Ted is only one of a few against the simpering might of the RNC.

The Toad will be selected - eventually.

B Woodman