Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Fairfax Weenymobile Cab Company offers a lift to the "Nuremberg Man." The NRA sells us out -- again.

Nothing lasts forever. The NRA, which allowed itself to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Fast & Furious fight, which stood tough (thanks to well-timed elbow jabs from GOA and its own membership) against the gun grabbers during the Newtown blood-dancing episode, has fallen back into its default sellout mode. The Weenymobile is once again on the streets of DC, and people will die as a result.
Senate ready for showdown on Obama pick for ATF.
Jones seemed to face tough odds in January when Obama named him to become ATF director. But with the influential National Rifle Association saying this week that it is neutral about Jones, Democrats have expressed optimism that they will garner the 60 votes needed to halt the delays and hold a confirmation vote. "I think we're going to get it," said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., the Democrats' vote counter.
B. Todd Jones, whose nickname within the ATF and other federal law enforcement bureaucracies is "Toad," is an unbelievably dangerous pick for this job. In the words of one of my sources, "He is a Nuremberg Man," a slavish toady who will salute and say "Yes, sir!" to any order from on high. As observed by another source in DC, "This guy would Waco his own grandmother if ordered to do so."
And now, thanks to the NRA falling back into their Weenymobile default mode, he is going to run the same unreconstructed agency that brought us Waco, in a new administration that brought us the murderous Fast & Furious conspiracy. An administration, thanks to traitorous and fatally compromised GOP leaders like John Boehner, which escaped serious blow-back and knows that it can get away -- once more -- with murder. Just ask the parents of Brian Terry.
I have often observed that Fast and Furious, if it was good for nothing else, at least bought us two years where the federal gun cops were rocked back on their heels and unable to proceed with further attacks on the citizenry while it defended itself. I hope y'all made good use of that hiatus, for that time is up. Thanks, in no small measure, to this sellout by the "Lairds of Fairfax."

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