Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bank that closed Defense Distributed account linked to ATF, 'Project Gunwalker'

The termination of Defense Distributed's account sounds less and less like a banking decision, and more and more like a political one (but a political one, nonetheless, with plenty of cash incentive involved), all the time.


Anonymous said...

And this surprises you? It's obvious. This current administration said it wanted to be the most transparent one ever. Well, it's come true. Whenever any anti-freedom decision (ruling, law, etc) is made, it's TRANSPARENT that Obaomao and his minions (Holder, Nappy, Sebilous, Pelosi, Reid, et al) are behind it.

B Woodman

Happy D said...

I think we have missed this banks generous intent.
Given that collectivists often have funded their start up operations through bank robbery e.g. Baader-Meinhof Group.
They are volunteering to be at the front of the line should Freefor adopt this tactic.