Monday, July 22, 2013

"I do not believe we should simply rubberstamp this nomination, and sweep the alarming allegations under the rug."

He doesn't. They do. Grassley slams B. Toad Jones nomination.


SWIFT said...

The nomination of B. Tod Jones to head ATF is of extreme importance. If confirmed, he will take an agency of shit bags and make it more malevolent than it currently is. (Is that possible?) His conformation seems assured. The only saving grace I see in his conformation, is that B. Tod Jones has a history of eating his own. So, either the rank and file Special Agents become B. Tod Jones' suck-ups, or the dissension within the ranks will become unmanageable. Bright future heh?

Anonymous said...

Either way is win/win for our side. They either don't confirm and look pathetically inept or they do confirm and he uses heavy handed tactics to abuse the citizenry, thereby turning more of them to our side.