Thursday, July 25, 2013

More misbehavior from the federal secret police.

Privacy activist: Agent seized camera at federal building

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Anonymous said...

Time for more cameras than they can imagine. If the FED GOV wants to be on the leading edge of surveillance, it is time for the other shoe to fall and have more cameras (concealed) to keep a watch on THEM. I LOVE MY COUNTRY, BUT I fear my Government. I think the idea of catching THEM on VIDEO has a sweet smell to it. If I were ever to catch one of those "Special Gubmint Officials" in a compromising position (pants around ankles) I would make it my life's work to spread it around the globe. What is "Good for the Goose" is also "Good for the Gander". I seem to recall a comment "Who are you going to believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes". This might have come from J.R. Ewing on "Dallas" but it will work for Congressmen and Senators as well as many of O'Bummer's CZARS. We do not live in BORING TIMES.