Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good on ya, Kurt. Hofmann upsets anti-firearm Congresscritter: "'Terrorism' and 'death threats': A response to Appropriations Committee Dems."

More fundamentally, though, if Rep. Lowey chooses to advocate empowering the government to designate political "enemies" as "suspected terrorists," to be disarmed and thus rendered defenseless, she had better expect some push-back. The entire purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect the right to arms of even people the government dislikes--especially those people, because they are the ones most likely to need arms. If she attempts to defeat that purpose, she will be resisted--by whatever means necessary.


Meister said...

Kurt should have responded with a simple "Go Piss up a rope" in order to properly embody the spirit of his article. The ruling class simply has no idea as to the abilities of the North American Redneck to inflict harm on those that choose to incite hatred and tyranny upon the masses.

Who will these scum rely on to protect them? The unarmed liberals that voted them in? I'm not sure that's going to work out.

Anonymous said...

If ever there was living proof that the USG has lost it's legitimacy..passing a law giving Eric the schmuck Holder the authority to name any one he so deems, a "suspected terrorist" would be the plumb bob. Had that law been passed by me..that would be the final nail in the Mandate of Heaven's coffin. However, given Obomber still has 3 years of his reign wouldn't surprise me if these waste of flesh psychopaths try it again. If anything, now that Congress rejected the amendment to the DOD funding package to reign in the NSA..well, I'd say it's time to dig out a 30 round

Anonymous said...

Can we get an email address for Matt Dennis?

All I have is a number: 202-225-6506

Might be nice to enlighten this fool as to what "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press" actually means.

Paul X said...

Meister's right. I was thinking along the same lines.

Loved that pic of Oleg's at the beginning of the article. Right on target. Speaking your mind is right up there with RKBA.

Recall though, that the prez has already usurped the power to throw into Gitmo anyone he pleases, indefinitely, so this current item is not the lowest of the low, actually.

SWIFT said...

Why all the niceties Kurt? Why not just tell Matt to go bugger himself? Or, suggest he go bugger his Rep. No need to be polite to a lefty.

Anonymous said...

Nice. This turd is my rep. She's a nasty looking old hag too.