Friday, July 26, 2013

'Mayors Against Illegal Guns': The name is perhaps the biggest lie of all

If the group were truly against "illegal guns," this column would have some good news for them--there is a simple way to reduce the number of such guns to zero. All that would be necessary is to repeal every gun law. No gun laws, no "illegal guns."

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Anonymous said...

Making a gun illegal is a infringement upon the Second Amendment. Too many people, politicians mostly, conflate illegal guns with crimes committed with guns.

We have the right to own, to keep, which entails the FREEDOM to buy and sell them molestation free. We also have the right to carry them and also use them in defense of self, kin and property.

However, there is no right to rob tape and murder.
Some "gun law" is both permissible AND proper so long the RIGHTS are left alone and unfettered.