Sunday, July 21, 2013

Remote gun locator and shutoff poses predicted threat to gun rights

The solution? Forget "smart" firearms. In this case, "dumb" is smart.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of dumb..

"The danger is if that visibility and the choices offered can also give "unprecedented control" to someone other than the gun owner, and that could include hackers as well as government/law enforcement agents"

What you mean.."can"? vs WILL.

Apparently..the author of that statement has been in a parallel universe for the last couple of months. It is without doubt the manufacturer will receive the same USG "request" as Microsoft, Verison, Google..etc etc. Which is "non-refusable".

note to self..file under:
"More record breaking readings on the DUMB-O-METER."

Anonymous said...

I doubt that even a vanishingly small percentage of existing guns could be retrofitted with the technology so there wouldn't be enough guns with the technology to matter - UNLESS the Po-Po were forced to equip their officers with it. Then I would support the technology. But that's only because within a few weeks at most someone will bring out jamming technology to make it impossible for the cops to fire their weapons. Remember, people, as a rule countermeasures are almost always simpler and less expensive than whatever measure they're intended to counter. A $million torpedo can be led astray by a $10K decoy.