Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The spied-upon decide to do a little politically-motivated spying themselves. Associated Press looks like they're ready to make a whole lot of Montana firearm owners mad.

"We do not comment on ongoing reporting efforts." Those were the words of Jim Clarke, the regional bureau chief for the Associated Press in Denver, when asked about the attempt by the AP in Montana to gain access to the full list of concealed weapons permit holders in Montana.


Anonymous said...

With last names like GOURAS, CLARKE & VOLZ it didn't take but a few minutes to find the home addresses of all three of these clowns as well as their home phone numbers. I use www.zabasearch.com then enter their name and state and get the info immediately. Maybe they need to be contacted to see if they have any firearms. If they are not holders of a CCDW then they are fair game for any THUG or Criminal (like Trayvon) to be robbed or assaulted. Just thought I would give my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't do any good if you don't share the information....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. About the response I expected from the AG here.

Paul X said...

It gets to the point that carrying with that government permission slip makes no sense any more. Fortunately in my state of Wyoming you won't get arrested for it. But even in a state with (unconstitutional) carry permit laws, what really is the chance of getting caught?

The more laws there are, the more it makes sense to ignore them all. Lawmaking breeds lawlessness.

jon said...

"Barnes confirmed that two entities, the Associated Press, and a Boston outfit called 'MuckRock News,' had requested information on all concealed weapons permit holders in Montana."


muckrock news is a fairly vapid entity. some of their money has previously come from:


like typical leftist cowards, the owners of pressfreedomfoundation.org pay a proxy service to protect their own business information in the domain registration system.


unlike typical users of these systems, this particular service is canadian, not american.

the only actual name i see on the PFF website is micah lee and that person may not even know their content is here.


the journalist behind muckrock is michael morisy. he can probably be considered a public figure.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to:

a. live in states like Arizona, or

b. press your state legislators to adopt 'no concealed carry permit required' legislation.

The criminal thugs don't need one, why should we?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:55,
To add on to your 2 cents and make it a nickle;
Get together with some like-minded friends and pony together some money to post a fairly large set of ads in the local papers in whatever towns/cities these "GOURAS, CLARKE & VOLZ" clowns happen to live in or nearby;

"The Following Persons(s) listed below, being AP so-called "journalists", and trying to gather the names and personal information of the lawful gun carrying free citizens of Montana for the purposes of publicly publishing them for their own socialist agenda, have proven themselves to be Libtards, and in all likelihood, DO NOT possess or carry guns of their own, being, in our opinion, bed-wetting panty waists.

Therefore, we counter their socialist gun grabbing attempts by publishing their names, addresses and personal information, in no particular order:




You don't have to follow this particular format, but I think you get the idea.

B Woodman