Friday, July 26, 2013

Enemies of freedom activists ramp up cyber warfare and hate

Make no mistake: We are up against malevolent enemies, and the use of that word is not hyperbole. Like true totalitarians, they will try to smear us, to insult us and to shut us down. They will try to eradicate our thought from the public forum of ideas, protestations about having a “national conversation on guns” or any other issue notwithstanding. . . There can be no peace with such as these. They will not allow it.

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Anonymous said...

"... a national conversation about guns ..."


A media driven campaign of incessant propaganda and demagoguery designed to fool the naive and ignorant into believing that the majority of Americans agree with the media's pathological hatred of firearms.

Similar related bullshit:

"...a national conversation about race..."


"...a national conversation about 'Stand Your Ground' laws..."

The later of which is the real driver behind the witch hunt against Zimmerman. Liberals don't give a damn about George Zimmerman OR Trayvon Martin - they just found them a convenient way to attack 'Stand Your Ground'.