Thursday, July 11, 2013

Held without bond? Really? Uniformed thuggery visited upon Adam Kokesh.

Activist Adam Kokesh arrested after loading shotgun in Freedom Plaza
Online court records in Virginia indicate he was charged with one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug, reportedly hallucinogenic mushrooms, and one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug while possessing a firearm.
A Fairfax County sheriff’s office spokesman said he was being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center and that he had refused to be fingerprinted and photographed. He was being held without bond, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 2.
Mr. Kokesh’s blog said that Tuesday night police raided his home, forcing their way through the front door with a battering ram and detonating a flash grenade in his foyer.
The blog said a light-armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded the street and that police used dogs in a search that lasted for five hours and involved more than 20 SWAT team members. It said Mr. Kokesh was handcuffed and detained for questioning inside the home, in the 1500 block of Snowflake Court, before being arrested.
My differences with Kokesh are both deep and public, but the FEDGOV is treading upon very dangerous ground here, by giving a guy who already clearly has a John Brown complex a chance to spark the civil war. Flash bangs? Battering rams? Armored vehicles? Held without bond? For a VIDEO? Really?
As much as I distrust Kokesh's ego, judgment and his motives, he still is covered under the policy of No More Free Wacos. As Bob Wright has said for many years, when this thing breaks, it will likely come from an unexpected quarter, in reaction to some stupid move by the regime against someone unsympathetic and even unsavory. But we will have no choice other than 4GW against the warmakers who sent the deadly raid party at that point. Which may have been the purpose of this exercise. Maybe it is what they want now. Or perhaps they're just as blundering and arrogant as General Gage. It won't make a damn bit of difference when it happens -- to us or to them.
For now, I couldn't find a defense fund for Kokesh, so if some reader will provide that, I'll post it here.


Bill St. Clair said...

Linked from an owner's post on the Adam Kokesh Facebook page, site run by George Donnelly:

Anonymous said...

"But we will have no choice other than 4GW against the warmakers who sent the deadly raid party at that point. Which may have been the purpose of this exercise. Maybe it is what they want now."

Of course it's what they want now, Mike. Every time a stack goes in on someone, the message from the statists is the same: "make a move...PLEASE make a move..."

Nothing is done (or will be) because the patriot community has not yet reached the point of agreeing to a single purpose or act that would be the 'trip wire' or rallying cry, and thus continues to consistently distance itself from every single individual (or group) that makes a stand, whether or not the stand made is considered a 'smart' move. Just to add a thought on the 'cohesion' of the 'patroit' community, if we had it, the 'legal defense funds' of those who've been arrested would be overflowing, patriot owned businesses would be booming because we'd all find and exclusively support them, and we'd generally be 'taking care of our own'. But that's demonstrably not the case.

Until and unless the 'community' gets to that point, these raids are going to intensify and the patriots are going to be taken at a time.

Anonymous said...

What did Kokesh expect?
I respect his motivation about carrying firearms, but his implementation just shows he is a dumbass! His brain is obviously screwed up with drugs.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Anyone who gives money for that idiot's defense is as big a fool as he is.

- Old Greybeard

Kent McManigal said...

Too bad there were no Oathkeepers around to stop this kidnapping.

Hefferman said...

Even with him being a government plant, someone will go hot. Then the feds will respond, and the whole things goes South in a heartbeat.
Like in "As if an Enemy's Country" we need to be smart and do not discredit the stand.
However it is a balancing act, if the feds go to far, we need to respond like a sledge hammer.
Semper Fi, and keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

Well thank God you're standing up for your principles of "No More Free Wacos" on this, Mike.

I was concerned that b/c Kokesh is bat shit crazy, far too many of his countrymen would write him off as having deserved his fate b/c he dared wagged his finger in the face of tyrants with the DC shotgun exhibition.

Kudos to you, sir. And I hope the Feds are smart enough to not spark a civil war off something so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Precedent set here is JBT raids based on youtube videos with Obama regime sidekick google monitoring its YouTube possession and offering up "evidence" without need for warrants.

As much as I want kokesh video to be real - in that such acts of disobedience are exactly what is required- I find myself now hoping it was done on a green screen. Just to make the JBTs look like the lawless gang of thugs they have become.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that the Feds are acting blindly like General Gage more than in a calculated and tactical manner. It is hubris that is at work now. This regime will not be mocked. Their enforcers can not afford to have their "authority" challenged, because that would besmirch their image of omnipotence....and we can't have that! Kokseh is both adored and despised by many in the same camp. He could be a harbinger of what is to come.


Kent McManigal said...

To the anti-liberty bigots there is no difference between what Kokesh did and smuggling regular capacity magazines into states that have declared them "illegal". You can't make the anti-liberty bigots like you more by only breaking certain of their "laws", or doing so "politely".

Nothing Kokesh did in in this case was wrong in any real way.

We are not hanging together so I guess that means we are lining up to hang separately.

Anonymous said...

Kent McManigal is spot on....and Old Greybeard is dead wrong.

All I can add is I hope the anon poster about the "Green Screen" is right....what a cluster fuck that would be to the cops, LOL.

oughtsix said...

Symbolic gestures, martyrs and singular events are exactly what the regime want. They can handle those to good effect, enhancing their image of omnipotence.

It is long passed the time for other measures. As I wrote on another blog,

"Tyranny, like a serpent, is best killed in the egg."

Anonymous said...

To all you Kokesh detractors:

You are a pack of sanctimonious blow-hards who don't have half the balls Kokesh has.

Someone-not you of course-was willing to go to jail for YOUR beliefs. And all you can do, especially you Grey Beard, is attack the man.


Paul X said...

"Symbolic gestures, martyrs and singular events are exactly what the regime want. They can handle those to good effect, enhancing their image of omnipotence."

This statement demonstrates a faith in government omnipotence. There ain't no such thing. Government is not handling anything but its own eventual destruction. It's a bumbling beast, staggering from one crisis or absurdity to the next.

Kokesh's action reminds me of that old saying, "All publicity is good publicity." Whatever you think of him personally, what he is doing is better than meekly sitting around and taking whatever the regime dishes out. A world with Kokesh is better than a world without him. Don't forget that Thomas Paine was also widely considered to be a nut case.

R.R. said...

You people that think he's a .gov plant need to get a clue. At least Adam has something most of you don't... BALLS! Whether you agree with his tactics or not, at least he is doing something. Got Bricks?
Josh R. III

Eagle315th said...

I would have arrested him the same way.... as a waco, who could tell what was in his home and the stunt he did hurts us all in the cause of freedom and protecting the constitution...but holding without bail is a whole different matter