Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dick Durbin, who never met a citizen disarmament proposal he didn't like, announces his next moves in the long war on the Second Amendment. Meanwhile, the traitorous John McCain agrees with him.

Schumer to Durbin: "Do you believe what a 'nafka' McCain is these days?" Durbin: "And the stupid schmuck actually thinks we'll respect him in the morning."
Sen. Durbin's Plans On Gun Legislation
Durbin also saying he'll hold a hearing in Washington this September that explores the influence of gun lobbying in creating laws and how stand your ground has changed the legal definition of self-defense.
President Barack Obama weighed in on Friday saying states with these controversial laws should re-examine them.
Today the President's 2008 Presidential race opponent Senator John McCain agreed.
"I can also see that 'Stand your Ground' law may be something that needs to be reviewed by the Florida legislature, or any other legislature that has passed such legislation. Obviously, a lot of things need to come up for review."


alanstorm said...

Senator Durbin - earning the name "Dick" a little bit every day.

Anonymous said...

"Stand your ground" laws are no different than the legality and morality of deadly force laws have always been. The "stand your ground" laws merely clarify things. If, at the moment you pull the trigger, you are in REASONABLE fear for your life or serious bodily harm from the actions of another, then you are justified in the use of deadly force. As per the evidence, that perfectly describes George Zimmerman's situation when he pulled the trigger on Travon! And yet, his defense attorneys never mentioned Florida's "stand your ground" law. The president's constituents are apparently stupid enough to believe that law had something to do with Travon's death. By the way, if you would like to complain to Sanford, Florida's police chief for sending Zimmerman's property to the tyrannical justice department, the police department's phone number is: 407-688-5070. I have already called his office to voice my feelings on the matter.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Wish John had found a way to stay in North Vietnam....

Instead of the one we left there.

Anonymous said...

Does AZ have a stand your ground law? I am sure that Floridians are not going to repeal their law because McCain does not like it.

Ed said...

"Stand Your Ground" has no relevance when you are pinned on the ground and are receiving a beating. If you could flee, you would do so. If you have a legal duty to retreat and you are unable to retreat, then you cannot.

Attorney Andrew Branca has a good analysis of "Stand your Ground":



Anonymous said...

Nooses people. We the People need to start employing nooses all around this country against the usurpers of our rights, privileges and immunities which they took an oath to protect and defend.