Sunday, January 20, 2013

Poster boy for the dead elephant party tries to shore up his right flank for the next election.

McConnell vows to block gun control measures.


Anonymous said...

These Republicrat wooden Indian's are finished and they know it. Hence the hatred being spewed at the Tea Party by both sides of the gang of 535 1/2. Last year one of the Judd's said she was thinking about opposing the McConnell cadaver in the 2014 charades. I think she could beat him.

Anonymous said...

Mitch is the ultamate insider Hes gonna do whatever he thinks will fly, Having said that: Mitch Isnt running next term. I'm from his district in Ky and he says hes done with politics and plans to retire to a country without extradiction.(snark)

Anonymous said...

quote:"she was thinking about opposing the McConnell cadaver in the 2014 charades." unquote

Perfect. I like it.

I submit the Sandy Hook shooter made a mistake. He could have made McConnell's speech at that luncheon a historic event... his last notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

quote: "Mitch Isnt running next term." unquote

Damn. At least we knew what to expect from this pathetic pond scum. After all, every movie needs a scoundrel to hate. Oh well, we still have Mr. Sunburnt himself, Cantor and whole host of other bipartisan cesspool sucking congressional parasites to pick on. But I'll miss seeing his repulsive mug. It reminds me to replenish the rat poison.

Charles N. Steele said...

Hang on a second. I am not a Republican, but anyone who opposes Obama is doing the right thing. The Dead Elephants may be cowards, but if they know that people are behind them they will keep fighting against Obama. I strongly suggest everyone back the Dead elephants, the NRA, and anyone else who is opposing Obama/Biden/Feinstein/Schumer et al. Certainly we'd be better off if the GOP kept the house and took the Senate in 2014. Let Barack enjoy some gridlock for his last two years.

We should fight with everything at our disposal, and that includes inconsistent political parties that are "kinda" right and mainstream pro-gun groups like NRA.

If eventually they capitulate, so be it, but they certainly haven't yet.

Ed said...

Those may be dead elephants there, but I would still not stand underneath them.