Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photos of Gun Appreciation Day rally in Sacramento.

From a reader:
I drove to Sacramento today for the "Gun Appreciation Day" rally. One of the conservative speakers that is assigned to the Capital said there is a bill to limit the amount of ammo you can buy. You will have to get a permit to buy the ammo, then fill out a form telling the Government what you used it for before trying to buy any more.
California's Legislator is dominated by Democrats, so any law they want to pass THEY CAN.
(The pictures are a panorama of the crowd, we had a good turnout)


Anonymous said...

Surprising , for the land of fruit's and nut's. Maybe there are a handful there who aren't Blowhard's and Qu---s.

GA Patriot said...

Sounds like a trip to Nevada for ammo is in order.